Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outfit Post: Killer Combo

I totally love autumn weather! The 16 day stay in South Korea was not enough I guess. The cold weather and the colors are just so lovely! I think I have too much jackets and blazers for someone who lives in a very humid country, so it's finally the time to wear these once we've set foot at Korea.

lookbook korea
Taray ng backdrop! So bongalore!

We went to Everland for this day and the place looked so wonderful! Did not really go on too much rides, but the park would have been a good place to have a photo shoot, that's for sure.

lookbook filipino
Lovely Autumn Colors!
travel ootd
Pa-tweetums lang ang peg!

The theme for that month at Everland was like a Halloween Festival, I saw lots of couples and families taking their pictures and it was certainly a nice sight to see. I also just realized I love the fashion in this country! Everyone looks very well-dressed and stylish!

travel lookbook
Posting this one on a love month. Teehee! :)
everland lookbook
OK, girly na kung girly! This section looks so purty can't help but to have a picture taken.

Military Jacket - H&M
Boots - Asianvogue
Camera Bag - Izzo Shop

I've been using this camera bag from Izzo shop. It's sturdy and convenient for someone like me who's always on the go and needs enough storage space for all my stuff. My camera + lens is a bit bulky but it can fit perfectly in this bag and of course, my other travel essentials as well. Have I just found my perfect camera bag? :)


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