Saturday, February 2, 2013

Outfit Post: Safe and Sound

I've been getting some hits for keywords such as 'what to wear during autumn in Korea' and 'autumn outfits', so I thought why not do some posts on what I wore during my 16-day trip to South Korea. I never really intended to do outfit posts so I only have 2-3 sets on pictures that feature a full body shot. Here's the first of them that I wore during our stay at Yongin.

korea blogger
Sweater - Cache Cache; Shorts - New Look; Boots - Thrifted

Sorry for the very blurred pic - this was the only picture that I could get. We did not really take much pictures during this day so I'm posting all that I can see with me sporting this pullover. I absolutely like this sweater, I thought the print is really striking.

yup, blurred blurred blurred
The boots were very comfortable and were meant to be walked with during this cold days in Korea. The studded details gives an edgy vibe which I totally love!

The shorts + tights combo was a bit of a challenge because it was my first time to travel during autumn and had really no idea how cold it would be, so I figured wearing shorts with tights would not be a bad idea. It was 6 degrees that day and my legs were shaking most of the time because of the wind! So the rest of the trip to this country, I wore pants all the time - did not want to risk of freezing my ass off.

korea blog

I still have no idea how Koreans and other girls living through this cold weather, especially during winter, can SURVIVE wearing tights and heck, I even see some women wear their dresses or skirts without any leg warmer! I don't think I can do it! :( But maybe it just takes getting used to, but I think you really have to practice patience and perseverance especially when the temperature reaches below negative.

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