Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baguio Lookbook Day 1 - Color Galore

Panagbenga doesn't run all day and everyone of us have already did the tourist basics at Baguio, so we didn't really have anything to do for the day except take pictures. Two of my companions were Lookbook-ers so we were up to the challenge of looking for good spots for photo shoot.

baguio lookbook
white socks FTW! trololololol

We first went to Burnham Park. It was very crowded though, but my guy friends were still able to shoot. We also did some boating which was my first time to try. I have to admit, it was fun!

baguio travel
Ian while paddling

We went to Lourdes Grotto afterwards and in there we found a good setting wherein we could utilize the pine tress of Baguio as our background. Nothing really special with my outfit, except for this being prepared for only 3 minutes. I had to cram packing for Baguio as I didn't had time to. This also features 5 colors! lol Blue, black, red, brown and yes, white. I couldn't find any decent socks except for these white panda ones I had, thus the white socks on the shots (excuses excuses)!

Maggie is gray all over!
Pine trees, so nice!
baguio travel
Sunset colors of Baguio

Ano kaya ang nasa paroon?
Denim Polo-Zara
Camera Bag-Izzo Shop

These are Zirjaye-inspired poses. I didn't really have any idea how to pose for Lookbook as I am the one usually taking pictures of people, but having your picture taken is harder! lol

I miss my long hair :,(

Skull top c/o Romwe, Denim Top from Zara

vintage platform brogues

accessories + red pants! red pants are my favorite!!!!!

We went to 50's Diner as soon as we got enough photos, we wanted to really pig out as we were very hungry that time. I have heard that they give out big servings so I was ecstatic to try. I wouldn't really write a review about the resto though as I was disappointed with the food, to the point that I didn't finish my plate. If you know me truly, if I really liked the food and I was that hungry, I would have had asked for one more plate. I liked the place though, it was a bit small, but the ambiance was nice.

50's Diner Baguio
Maggie enjoying the couch

baguio 50s diner
Love these posters

Jaye and Ian's jackets are perfect for the vintage vibe of the place

Pineapple Shake

baguio 50s diner
Steak, fries, veggies, and shrimp

baguio diner
kiddie favorites: spaghetti, fries, pork chop, pizza, and fried chicken

It was a pretty chill day for Panagbenga Day 1. I love the weather in Baguio during this time of the year, it's soooo cold but not too much which is perfect for those jackets and sweater I can never use in Manila. We ended our night planning on where to shoot for the next day and preparing for the float parade the next day.

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