Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baguio Lookbook Day 2 - Camouflage

For the second day at Baguio, we woke up quite early to catch Panagbenga's Float Parade in which we endured for more than 2 hours, but the crowd was so uncontrollable, it became to hot and we eventually decided to leave.

We then decided to head at Camp John Hay, we were aiming for that mysterious backdrop and the place was the perfect spot for it!

baguio travel
Just look at these colors! The tall tress gives the pictures and unique energy

I wore most of the items featured from this 'Thrift Finds' post. Can you believe the jacket and the boots were thrifted?! :) The tights were a random find in my closet and something that someone is not supposed to wear, but I thought it give my look that edgy vibe.

stiff neck?

For some reason, all our outfits seems to jive with the setting we were in. I also took pictures of Maggie who was wearing a floral, very summery get-up.


I can't help but ask for pictures wherein I can really blend in with the leaves and trees. lol. It also helped that I was with Lookbook-ers that time which helped me think of more idea on how to pose and where to shoot. I thought I was still a bit awkward with this because I'm used to be the one taking the pictures and not being on the other side of the camera.

hahahaha emote!

tagal naman ng taxi lol
parang nadapa lang ang peg ng stocking ko! haha
Details of my outfit:
Please view this post for more info on the thrifted items.
Jacket and boots: Thrifted
Shirt: Roxy
Camera Bag: Izzo Shop

We went to Wright Park afterwards, and we saw some Ifugao tribal costumes that we could try for only 5 pesos, why not choconut?!

camo + tribal prints don't go well of course haha
baguio tribal
ansabe ng Head of the Tribe, shades kung shades si Jaye! Tarush!
emote kung emote si Ian! F na F!
patweetums/PBB teens lang si Maggie
The dysfunctional Ifugao Lookbookers... or not?

Going further into Wright Park, we discovered more beautiful areas to take picture at! Took some shots of Maggie and Jaye which turned out pretty well.

baguio travel

Even though we only had two days in Baguio, it certainly was fun and enjoyable. Panagbenga was a memorable experience and so was our photo shoot moments with new-found friends. I definitely should find more time to try fashion photography (me being the photographer, of course).

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  1. the city behind the fag, I really love going to Baguio especially when summer. thanks for this post . nice stocking by the way...

    1. Hi Thanks for visiting and the compliments! Really nice to go during summer to beat the heat! :D


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