Friday, August 10, 2012

Thrift Finds in Manila (Part 2)

I am itching to go thrift shopping again! It's such a thrill when you find rare items at the UK-UK and you can also get them for cheap prices! Planning to go this Sunday to my favorite spot :P Sharin some of my favorites... again, if you want to see more, please see my first post here Thrift Finds in Manila (Part 1) :)

Got this black satchel for 150 pesos, I just love the stud and skull details! It has one flaw though, other than that it's ok over-all.

black satchel
Pang emo lang ang peg
Next off is this Union Jack bag that came with a cute pin! I've been looking all over the world wide web for this and what a coincidence that I saw this while thrift shopping! Such as steal!!!

union jack bag

union jack vintage thrift blogger

These shoes I got are sort off Lita knock-offs, but they are still very cheap as I got them for almost 70% compared to the prices online stores have for the same knock-offs! They are second hand though but I inspected the quality and they're perfect! You just have to clean them before using though. I also make sure to wear socks before putting them on.

This leather booties I got have zipper on the sides which makes it very easy to put on. These are the perfect booties for a night out! I tried walking on them for a day and it didn't hurt my feet AT ALL. I've been using them when I go out with friends. Ok, I've been using them all the time maybe that's why they look so worn out now :( Hope they will never get tired of me. Haha

lita inspired booties

lita booties vintage thrift

Last for now are these lace booties, they were very clean when I got them so the owner must have not used them at all because the first time I used these, I got them dirty already :( Maybe it's just because I'm too clumsy.

lita lace booties

lace booties blogger

lace lita inspired booties lookbook
Oooooooh I just love the lace details!
I still have lots to share next time so keep tuned! :)

Want to shop and also help me build my travel fund?

I am selling some of my preloved stuff/pasalubong items from relatives that we never got to use, and frankly just some of my thrift buys. Head over to my OLX page to find out more. Money that I will earn from this will go directly to my mutual fund that I will use for my travel after 3-5 years :)

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  1. cool items! never thought meron ganito sa mga thrift shop! nice selection! ang gaganda!

    online deals

  2. nice blog :) i also love finding good clothes sa mga thrift shop. nakakainggit yung bags and shoes :(
    dadayo na nga din akong cubao pag may time.


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