Saturday, January 20, 2018

3 Days (or More) in Tokyo for Frugal First Timers

I used to daydream about Tokyo, especially during my teenage years. I even went as far as announcing to all my classmates that I was going to Japan after graduation. I am true to my word, I made this happen… 10 years after. Back then, my interests were mainly focused on anime shows and gadgets. I enjoyed watching travel shows about Japan, but didn’t really appreciate the deeper roots of its culture. Years have passed and I can say I have matured (a little, yes) especially with my attitude towards traveling. Despite that, the need to see Tokyo didn’t fade one bit, so I finally got myself flight tickets to Japan! I based myself in the capital of the country for six more days, three of those spent seeing the highlights of the big metropolis that is Tokyo.

tokyo budget

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Rundown of My 3-day Trip to Sagada

When Sagada was feautured in the movie ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’, I admit I was a bit disappointed. You may call it greed, but I don’t want people coming to this place. But now that the secret is out, I thought I might share why I felt the need to do so. This place is just pure majestic! It has everything that I like – food, chill vibes, cold weather, lots of exciting activities and wonderful people. I only stayed there for three days but I think of Sagada from time to time every time I feel like going somewhere nice.

mountain province
What a beautiful morning in Sagada!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

16 Days of Solo Travel in Taiwan – Itinerary, Budget and Tips!

I’m glad that Taiwan is getting the fanfare it deserves right now especially with Filipinos. It wasn’t that much of a popular destination until recently due to relaxation of visa applications. I have found out how this is one of the cheaper and easier countries to visit in East Asia, despite the language barrier.

taiwan itinerary

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