Thursday, April 27, 2017

Taroko Gorge National Park – A Must-see in Taiwan

I initially planned skipping Hualien on this trip. When I was searching for recommended sights in Taiwan however, every site that I have seen consistently recommended Taroko Gorge, as a matter of fact, it topped most lists. I have seen pictures and blogs of people who have been there but I was not impressed. I had a change of heart when I was in Kaohsiung, I intended to take a bus to Kenting but thought “forget it, I’m giving Hualien a chance.” And my friends, this is the story of how Hualien became one of my favorite counties in Taiwan.

hualien taroko
Amazing Scenery at Taroko Gorge

Sunday, April 16, 2017

City Guide to Artsy Kaohsiung

I only have myself to blame. Like on my first morning there, I had no idea why I was even in this city. I remember I had the idea of going here because of some blog, but I needed some time to look up things to do that fits my preference (except for the usual night markets of course.) Anyway, I digress. It was still a blessing in disguise, as I finally got to see more modern Taiwan art, or just more artworks for that matter. I’ve never been to a museum for a while so I finally got to in Kaohsiung.

lotus lake
Kaohsiung's Lotus Lake

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dazed and Confused at Kaohsiung's Lotus Lake and Cijin Island

There were lots of options to pick for a place to go for my extra two days – Alishan, Cingjing Farm, Kenting, or spend more time exploring New Taipei. But for some reason, I had my heart set on going to Kaohsiung. I have seen it on some blog posts and was somehow convinced. Once I arrived in Kaohsiung however, I found it hard to find things to do that would suit my preference, and I got lost most of the time too, despite the ever-so-reliable Google Maps. It is most likely however that it is not Kaohsiung’s fault, but I was already suffering from “travel fatigue.”

tiger dragon pagoda
The popular Dragon and Tiger Pagodas of Kaohsiung
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