Sunday, July 23, 2017

Immersing in Nature at Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail

Taiwan has lots in store for those seeking nature. I am quite surprised that there were a number of easy hikes around the capital city, so there’s no excuse for those who are already living in Taipei not to go outdoors, given that mass transportation can easily get you to those places easily. I did another nature walk in New Taipei, in the district of Sandiaoling to chase some waterfalls.

sandiaoling waterfall
the biggest waterfall in Sandiaoling

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A day at Yangmingshan and Shilin Night Market

I originally scheduled Yangmingshan for my second day in Taipei, however due to the rain and my inappropriate outfit (*ehem ehem* shirt and shorts) I had to postpone it for another time. On my last few days in Taiwan, I finally decided that regardless if I’d experience horrible weather, I’d still push through. I didn’t bring any jackets for this trip so I had to buy a very cheap sweater just so I could have something to warm me from the tough winds.

the grasslands of Yangmingshan National Park

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Keelung City’s Pride – Heping Island and Miaokou Night Market

More from my New Taipei series, after my rock exploration in Yehliu Geopark, I decided to embark on another rock-filled adventure in Keelung City. Keelung 基隆 is one of the bigger cities in Taiwan known for having the second largest seaport in the country, the Port of Keelung, that now serves as a gateway to places like Xiamen, China and Okinawa, Japan. With frequent train trips from the capital, it is so convenient to travel back and forth without any hassle, another city worth recommending if you’re looking for day trips outside Taipei.

just one of the many interesting sights in Keelung
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