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A review of our flight with Jeju Air – Day 10 in South Korea

After our visit to the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, we took a bus back to where we were staying near Dongeui University station. It was quite a long trip so we had to take a taxi to the airport so that we won’t be late for our flight. As I have shared in this post, we had to cancel our earlier booking of Busan-Jeju with Air Busan as the firework festival was cancelled so we had to make changes with our schedule. We then booked another ticket with Jeju Air. There were other airlines offering flights to Jeju such as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air, Jin Air and T'way Airlines. We needed a flight from Busan and we were on a budget so the only options were Air Busan and Jeju Air. In fairness to Air Busan, the flights were averagely-priced and we were able to cancel it with only 1000 Won penalty fee, not bad!

Jeju Air (제주항공) is a budget airline based in Jeju City that offers domestic flights between Jeju to Seoul, Busan, and Cheongju. They also offer flights to Jeju from other countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Guam, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and China.

jeju air review
Jeju Air's check-in counter at Gimhae Airport

We were able to book via their call center and had no problems whatsoever. They have agents that can speak English as well which was a good thing for us since this is a matter of time and money and I did not want to struggle with my Korean speaking abilities. They were very helpful with our booking as they suggested the cheapest prices, better schedules, etc. The confirmation was sent via e-mail and you can also proceed with only the confirmation number during check-in even without the flight itinerary print out. Like T’way Air, booking online via Jeju Air would also require you to have a membership account on their website. The site also has an English version so no hassle for foreigners and non-Korean speakers. You can also receive updates on promo fares once you are a member or have subscribed to them.

jeju air ticket
Jeju Air's boarding pass
The check-in process for our flight went smoothly and there were also English speaking staff in the check-in counter who were very friendly and have gladly answered all my questions with a smile. :) One good thing in my opinion with Jeju Air, and all Korean airlines, is that they are never strict when it comes to baggage. As per their website,  Jeju Air allows 10kg carry-on and 15kg checked in luggage for domestic routes – all of these without any additional charge, neat huh? Not just that, during our check-in, they did not weigh my hand carry items and my checked-in luggage were overweight but they did not charge me with anything! Now, how could anyone top that? Me and my wallet were extremely happy.

jeju air baggage

The plane departed on time and it arrived at Jeju 10 minutes earlier the scheduled time! The weather was pretty good that night so there were no disturbances during the flight. JejuAir is a budget airline so there were no free meals on board. They gave out free drinks however such as juice, water, or coffee which was pretty okay. As for the seats, I thought there was enough leg room for me, though I can’t say the same would be experienced by our long-legged folks out there. The on-board magazine has Korean and English articles as well.

The flight attendants were friendly and they have checked up on us a couple of times to ensure that we were doing fine during the flight and if we need anything. I am not sure though if they speak English though, as all throughout the flight, the FAs spoke to me in Korean. During the flight, the attendants handed out balloons to children, I thought the gesture was surprising and cute.

Jeju Air's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Site's ease of use: 5 – JejuAir’s site is very easy to use as I have tried mock-booking with them before. Of course, the most important factor is that the site is available in English. The website is also equipped with all the questions you may have such as their offered destinations, baggage concerns, flight schedules, etc. They accept credit cards for payment of course. I have never encountered any trouble mock-booking online and booking via their agent.

Customer service/Staff: 3.5 – As we have booked via their call center agent, I can say that I was impressed with the process as it was very quick as long as you have your passport and credit card ready. The flight attendants were also very attentive of our needs during the flight. As per the flight services, they can still be improved, given that they are a budget airline is not an excuse.

Their customer service is only available on Mon-Fri and 9AM until 6PM only which is a bummer if you wanted to contact them on a weekday or in the middle of the night.

Flight: 5 - I was really satisfied with our flight experience with Jeju and more points for our earlier arrival time :) We did not have any problems claiming our baggage as well.

Price: 4.5 – The flight that we got was not cheap, however, given that we booked only a day before our flight and we paid more or less than 50,000 Won, I can say that it wasn’t so bad.

jeju air flight
Gimhae Airport

To summarize, I would certainly recommend flying via JejuAir, our flight experience was excellent and booking with them has been very easy. For flight bookings, you may contact 852-2185-6499 or go to their website http://www.jejuair.net/

Have you tried flying with Jeju Air? If yes, how was it? Do let me know if you have any questions regarding our flight and JejuAir :)

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  1. Hi, i really need ur help. I noticed that online reservation is limited for 9 seats only for every flight. I already lost my chance to do online reservation because when i see the seat available on the time that i need, 9 seats already sold out. Could you tell me how to do reservation by phone to call center? just call 852-2185-6499? did you call it when you in korea already? then how to pay if we do phone reservation? thanks :)

    1. Hello, I made the reservation when we were in South Korea already. For the phone reservation, they asked the basic details needed such as name, passport number, etc. The agent will also ask for an online copy of your passport and the front page of the credit card to be used so they can verify. I know giving a scan of the Credit Card was a bit scary, but from our experience, no weird transactions have been used in the CC so I guess it's kinda safe.

      As for my country, Philippines, they have a local agents available. What country are you currently staying at? You may try the local agents of Jeju Air in your country as well if they have.

      You can also read more info here: http://en.jejuair.net/jejuair/en_EN/serviceinfo/reservation_eticket_service.jsp

  2. Hello! You said it's just 50k KRW. Is that 50K each (one way only) or two way already for 1 person? Thanks!

    1. As far as I remember it was 40,000-50,000 won one way for 1 person but you can get cheaper flights if you book earlier. We bought a flight a day before our departure, thus the price. :)

  3. Hi, do you know how early before departure do we need to check-in for a flight from Gimpo to Jeju? Thanks!!

    1. Gimpo could be very crowded especially during the morning. It would be safe if you could arrive 90 to 60 minutes before your flight.

  4. Thanks for sharing! We are going to Jeju Island soon and this information is very helpful.
    - kanannie

  5. Hi, mariane. I would like to ask how you cancel your flight at busan air?

    1. Hello! We cancelled our flight via their phone customer hotline.

  6. Hi Mariane,
    did u fly out to Jeju from Gimhae international airport? I am planning to fly out to Jeju immediately after arriving to Busan from Malaysia.

  7. My daughter and I had planned for a free n easy holiday in Korea, I have booked the jejuair to Jeju island from Seoul, Which airport do we go to for departure, ????Please help

    1. Depends if you booked your flight from Incheon or Seoul Airport/Gimpo. Gimpo is closer as it is located in downtown Seoul while Incheon takes an hour from Seoul by train.

  8. Hi I have a problem when booking the Jeju Air flight ticket. When inserting the passenger information, it did not allow me to enter space between my name. (ex: Chan/Geak Lian) But it stated that I need to enter exactly same with my passport. I'm so confused. My passport name is Chan Geak Lian. Should I enter Chan/GeakLian into system or Chan/Geak_Lian? How did you all do when writing the names? Thanks for the help!!

    1. Hello! Not really familiar with your problem as me and my friend only had 1 name for our First name but I suppose it would be fine with just adding no spaces. Anyway, they are not that strict so as long as you have the print out of your flight confirmation, passport and add some IDs maybe (and a screenshot of the error that you cannot add spaces while booking?) might help.

  9. hi...not sure if I heard correctly. When you make a phone call, did they say "for English, please press 10?"

  10. Hi, love your blog. Offered me quite a lot of options on where to go for my trip to Korea soon. Reading on your posts on Jeju and I found a few places I would love to visit.
    Can i ask how early we need to check in if we are flying from Busan to Jeju through JejuAir? Is it 60 minutes earlier? I don't want to waste time checking in early as my schedule is pretty tight. :)

  11. Hi Mariane,

    I have booked air ticket online from Busan Air wedsite from Jeju to Gimpo 2 days ago, but until now I haven't receive email for the confirmation from Busan air and the payment already made. Usually they take how long to send the confirmation?

  12. hi marianne,
    I would like to ask your departure procedure in busan and arrival procedure in jeju,
    do you have to pass through immigration counter and show your visa?

    1. I don't remember going through Immigration for our Busan-Jeju flight.

  13. hi mariane, this is yna from the philippines. we are planning to book a flight with jeju air. im already in the payment method, may i know what credit card did you use? we have visa and amex. do they accept that? thank you so much.

  14. hi mariane, im yna from the philippines. I find your blog really helpful. we are planning to book a flight with jeju air, actually im booking online and already on the payment part. i would just like to know what credit card did you use? do they accept visa and amex?

    also, you mentioned that they have local agents here in the country, do you know how to contact them?

    thank you so much

    1. oh no Yna! so sorry for the late comment, just saw this one today. I used Mastercard,not sure with Visa/AMEX but you can try since those three are the commonly accepted credit cards anyway and our transaction with Mastercard got through. Not sure with the local agents because we never used their services.

  15. what is the number for the airbusan hotline?

  16. Hi. I'm trying to book with jeju air from manila to seoul and the site doesnt say anything about baggage allowance. Do you have any idea how many kilos I can bring and if there is any fees??

  17. Hi. I'm trying to book with jeju air from manila to seoul and the site doesnt say anything about baggage allowance. Do you have any idea how many kilos I can bring and if there is any fees??

  18. Total weight of our baggage was 28 kg for two person,for me and my daughter of 9 years old.And I paid for it 8000 of japanese yen.It seems the luggage is not free .:(((

  19. Hi! Good morning!
    I am traveling to Korea from 18th of Oct to 12th of November.
    I just wanna ask how strict their immigration is.. Like what do they usually ask?
    I have a cousin in SK so I will be staying for about 4 weeks.
    I just wanna be prepped and all.. terrified at the immi officers in Naia who powertrip too!
    PLease help me out. ^^

  20. Hello! I'm an OFW in Japan and booked a returned layover TYO-ICN-CEB and CEB-ICN-TYO through jejuair but no indication of an in-flight meal. Will there be a served free meal? Thanks

  21. Sorry to ask this, but is it compulsory to bring the credit card which we made payment with, because i made payment using my friend's mum's credit card (who doesnt follow us to jeju) after several failed attempts of using our credit cards :/

  22. Hiii
    I am booking a flight from Narita to Incheong on the 11th of August..... I want to know the baggage policy

  23. Hi! Is it possible to add/pay my baggage at the airport ? TIA

  24. Hi Marianne! Thank you for posting such a very informative entry! I am quite nervous about flying with Jeju Air as it is my first time. I normally purchase travel insurance as an add-on whenever I book a flight with Cebu Pacific. Would you know if Jeju Air also offers this? I was going to call their customer service line, but I wanted to seek your advice about it just the same.

    Thank you very much! :)

    1. Hi Pamelika sorry I can't help you with that but as far as I remember there was no option to add insurance during booking. I suggest dropping them an email or reaching out to them on social media

  25. Hi miss mariane, i just want to ask po hand carry po is 10 kg even it is international routes? I have ticket po kase jeju air also i dont know the weight for hand carry? Im waiting for your reply po. Thank you 😊


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