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A review of Everland Amusement Park, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do - Day 5 in South Korea

I wasn’t really ecstatic to go to Everland that day – don’t get me wrong, I love amusement parks, but I have heard reviews, some were good, some were not. Anyway, I still had my expectations set high. I was hoping to have fun that day. 

Operating Hours: 09:30 ~ 22:00(Mon-Sat) / 09:00-22:00 (Sunday & holiday)
One-day Pass
Daytime : adults 38,000 won / Teenagers 32,000 won / children 29,000 won
Nighttime : adults 31,000 won / Teenagers 26,000 won / children 23,000 won

A view of Everland during autumn

I forgot to bring my own camera that day so I would be using pictures from Everland’s website and Facebook page. We took bus 167 from Jukjeon Station in Yongin and the last stop of the bus is Everland. Bus ride is approximately 40 minutes. Once you have alighted at the Everland bus station, take the free shuttle ride to Everland.


Everland is one of the most popular amusement parks in South Korea and is usually marketed for families and couples. This place is also known for its beautiful garden. There are usually different theme depending on the month or season that you will visit: Rose festival (May-June), Summer Splash (June-September), Happy Holloween (September-October) and Winter Wonderland (Nov-early March). It was “Happy Halloween” when we went.

everland seoul


We arrived at Everland at around 12 noon and we had exchange our complimentary passes to get the entrance ticket.


It houses almost 40 heart rides and attractions and is divided into five sections: American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo Topia and Roller Coasters, in addition to the Global Fair.


We first tried Columbus Adventures wherein a big Viking ship falls down, and goes up again. Down and up again. It was sort of boring. We just roamed around the theme park until we saw the garden and did not miss to take pictures of the place.




We got hungry looking for more exciting rides so we decided to grab a quick lunch. Just like at any other theme parks, expect the meals to be a bit pricier inside the park. I was craving for jajjangmyeon and good thing there was a Chinese restaurant in the area. (I am not sure why Koreans offer jajjangmyeon in a “Chinese” restaurant even though jajjangmyeon is a Korean recipe).


One of the highlights of the theme park is the T-Express. I have read that the speed of the ride is 104km per hour!

everland t-express
T-Express during nighttime

Guess what? I did not ride the T-Express! Haha The reason was I did not feel excited about the ride actually. It looked so simple and there were even no loops in this freaking ride! Thus I decided to just wait for my friend and she rode the T-Express by herself. Yes, I was a bit selfish. But I had the time of my life waiting for her (oh did this sound sarcastic?)

We went to the zoo afterwards. It was pretty cool as there were lots of animals and it was the only part that I enjoyed at this theme park. We spent one-two hours there. Nothing really special to see, aside from the polar bear that looks like he’s dying from heat and exhaustion.


This was not how I saw the polar bear when we went

Everywhere I looked I didn’t like what I see at Everland – except for the smiling faces of the kids and their parents. The whole amusement park screams “FOR CHILDREN ONLY” to me, so yes of course, I did not enjoy. I still love going to Enchanted Kingdom, I have been there tons of times, and I don’t even get tired of Star City, but Everland did not just make a special impact on me. (I am not sure why but maybe this is because I was tired from traveling?)

I liked that the theme park was pretty. There are lots of places where you could take pictures and have your pictures taken – but that’s about it. The ground has lots of ups and downs (similar to what you see in Myeongdong area), so it can be a bit tiring.

Most of the rides looked to cheesy to me. Maybe because I liked roller coasters with loops, and the rides I saw in Everland were more targeted for toddlers –mid teenagers.

The zoo was pretty cute to me, I definitely enjoyed this part of the park. However I am just worried with the polar bear I am not sure if they keep them there during summer. Of course, I hope not.

Everland's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)
Accessibility/Location: 4.5 - Everland is pretty accessible if you are coming from Seoul, Suwon or Yongin.
Ambiance/Staff: 5 - I have to admit I became a child at heart - the design of the place was lovely and would be a delight for people who love taking pictures, the zoo is a plus I guess
Rides: 4 - The rides would be enjoyed by the whole family, but for people who are looking for more thrills, this place is not for you
Price: 4 - I guess it's pretty affordable given the facilities they have

To sum it off, I would never go to Everland again. Period. Good thing our tickets were free but I would have been very angry if I paid using my own money to enter the place. I had thought of not going here but my friend insisted that we go, but I should have listened to my brain. I felt like my whole day was wasted and I should have just gone to Gapyeong or shopping. If it’s your first time going here, please do take advantage of the coupons/promotions they have to save some bucks.

But hey, of course this is just my mere opinion and Lotte World did not pay me to write this. Lol Feel free to let me know what you thought of Everland, how was the experience and did you have fun? :)

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  1. Your thought process is wonderful. The way you express yourself is awesome.

  2. hi, just wondering where did you get your complimentary passes? thanks

  3. they offer jjajangmyeon on a chinese resto because actually it started from the china town in korea.. you should watch goong 2.

  4. Enchanted kingdom is actually the worst. Ugly places, rides that are boring, not much place to rest.. expensive.

  5. Hi I'm just wondering if you've ever been to Lotte world? I'd ideally like to go either to Everland or Lotte World but dont want to waste my time going to both (I have too much other things to do!) and am truing to decide which one is better- but everyone says differently! Thanks.


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