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Day to Night at Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur - Day 1 in Malaysia

One of Malaysia's famous icons is the Petronas Twin Towers and has been one of a traveler's top priority places to visit while in Kuala Lumpur. Petronas used to be the world's tallest skyscraper for the duration of 1998 and 2004. Since then, there have been a number of buildings that have surpassed it on the list. This did not prevent us from visiting this from seeing these towers with our own eyes and we even planned to see it on different times of the day.

Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers
One can actually go inside the twin towers. It houses a famous shopping mall called the KLCC Suria where you can find some mid-range to luxury brands of clothings and accessories and also some famous restaurants in the city. It also houses of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

We found out that the park in front of the towers is closed so we had to scout for a good location wherein we could take good angles. It was pretty hard as the trees were getting in the way. I also felt bad as I couldn't take those shots of the towers reflecting on the water.

KLCC Suria
entrance to one of the towers
klcc malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers were designed by an Argentine architect named Casar Pelli. Planning and construction was started in 1992 and was officially opened after 7 years. The 88-floor towers were designed with Islamic art foundations in mind that also reflects of the country's official and main religion.

There is also a popular skybridge walkway that links the 42nd floors of both of these towers. I remembered as it was highlighted on one Filipino movie wherein the character referred to the towers as having likeness to a human couple, and the skybridge is like their hands tied while standing tall and proud. Is it just me but wouldn't it be odd to imagine the Twin Towers without the skybridge? Somehow it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall design of it all.

Petronas Twin Towers day

Petronas Twin Towers malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers by day
Petronas Twin Towers kl
look at those details, so sexy!

Petronas Twin Towers architecture
of course, I can't miss the opportunity to have my own picture taken with these towers!

We went to the ticketing queue for the Skybridge which had a long line already by that time. It was not until when we were about to get the tickets when I found out that you have to buy it and it's not for free! The ticket for an adult costs 80RM and sadly, we decided not to push through with purchasing them as they were too expensive and figured we'll be better off to spend the money on food and other items we needed for the trip. If only it could have been cheaper for us to afford.

One could also go to the KLCC park which looked lovely especially viewing at it on the top floors of the building. It was starting to rain so we were just in time to go inside KLCC and have me taking a picture of the park.

It was a tiring day after going to Chinatown and some shopping malls near KLCC so we went to this Jackie Chan's Cafe located at Lot 10 Shopping Center and just wanted to tell you of my first experience of sleeping in Public at Kuala Lumpur. Yes, me and my friend took a nap for almost an hour and a half in their very comfy and long couches which lulled us to slumber. Yes, more of my "Snorlax" moments in Malaysia on upcoming posts. lol

at Jackie Chan Cafe, so comfy! napping in public Day 1

One of the viewing spots of the tower that was recommended to us by some friends was at Lake Titiwangsa so we decided to go here on after going window shopping at Bukit Bintang and KLCC. Upon alighting at Titiwangsa station, we decided to ride a taxi as we didn't really know the bus going to the lake. The taxi driver though, was a bit clueless on which part of the place we wanted to go to, so upon arriving around the area, we scouted for a good place wherein we can have a good view of the river and the reflection of the tower as well.

lake titiwangsa
view at Lake Titiwangsa

Petronas Twin Towers lake titiwangsa

Petronas Twin Towers by night at Lake Titiwangsa

We went back to KLCC station to shoot close up pictures of the towers during the night. We tried to take pictures of us with the tower but it was pretty difficult because the park in front was closed and we had to settle in near the road which was pretty dangerous for us and had this big puddle of water which was also dangerous for our cameras.

I took pictures of the tower using two settings: in automatic lighting and the other one using the Sunny/Flourescent light mode option. Both came out quite good!

Petronas Twin Towers
me and Petronas Twin Towers! :)

Malaysia's national oil company, Petronas, occupies Tower One. Tower Two is mostly for lease to other companies such as Huawei, Al Jazeera, Microsoft, IBM and many other more.

It would have probably been a fantastic experience to work on one of the companies here and see the cityscape of Kuala Lumpur everyday!

Petronas Twin Towers
One of the towers
the skybridge

Looking at the Petronas Towers during nighttime felt surreal. It was really a different experience to see it with all the grand lights and the colors that it emits no matter how angle you look at it. It's like seeing a star up close! There were moments wherein I would just stare silently at it and still at awe.

Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers by night
Petronas Twin Towers KL

Petronas Twin Towers night

I have never expected that I would be amazed to see such a structure that was man-made, I guess I really have to see it to believe it. The pictures cannot compare to the actual experience of seeing it in front of you. No matter what time of the day you look at it, it will still stand tall and mighty and one of the icons of how Malaysia has developed through the years.

Petronas Twin Towers malaysia

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  1. I want to go to Kuala Lumpur soon!Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Jeff! Thanks for visiting! Would love to hear about your adventures to KL too!

  2. Hello Mariane, greeting from Indonesia.

    Googling information about Kuala Lumpur for my next trip and it bring me to your blog. Thanks for sharing it. Love it. Anyway, may I know what camera did you use for photos above. The night photos look good.

    1. Hey Unih, thanks for the compliment. I wish I had a tripod for the night shots but these would do. I use a Canon 550D.

  3. When did you go to Malaysia? I'll be going to Kuala Lumpur with my 4-year old son in June next year, and we'll just be there for 5 days. I notice that the weather around the time you visited was pleasant...

    1. We went around April-May, and according to my friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur, they seldom experience heavy rain and true enough we only had sunny days during our entire stay. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Great blog and i love your honest opinions :) going to KL in November, 2016.


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