Thursday, January 24, 2013

All in Seopjikoji, Jeju - Day 12 in South Korea

After a cup of coffee to warm our body (courtesy of our driver), we headed to our next destination which was a ten to fifteen minute drive from Sunrise Peak/Seongsan Ilchubong, which we have visited beforehand.

Seopjikoji is also located at the eastern shore of Jeju Island. The name came of the place was derived from the dialect of the Jeju, "Seopji" meaning a narrow piece of land, and "koji" for cape or peninsula. The shoreline was striking, showcasing volcanic rocks in different shapes, some of these were preserved and even had an observation deck.

seopjikoji jeju
The view at Seopjikoji

There were no other tourists yet when we arrived here and once I stepped out of the car, I felt like I was shooting a Korean drama! The place looked so majestic! It was a vast green/brownish field without no trees in sight that was still lovely to the eyes.

The hike up to the cape

Some building around the area

The folk tale that surround this place was that a fairy would usually descend from heaven to bathe around Seopjikoji. The son of the Dragon King has fallen in love with her and wanted to marry her the first time he saw her. He was told by his father to stay put and do nothing for 100 days so that he could give his permission. However, on the last day, the waves rose high and a typhoon came, so the fairy was not able to come down from the heavens to attend their wedding. The son grieved and has eventually died, turning into a stone which is now called 'Seondolbawi'.

seopjikoji seondolbawi

seopjikoji shooting location
The path leading to All In House

This place is also famous being another shooting location for a drama called 'All In', starring Song Hye Kyo and her ex-husband Lee Byung Hun. There was a separate admission fee to visit the house. The drama was filmed here last 2003 and this  chapel was said to have been destroyed by a typhoon and was reconstructed afterwards.

seopjikoji all in house
All In House

The house opens to public by 9AM, so no entry allowed! :P

korean drama shooting
Looks gloomy!

Moving forward, you may be able to see a lighthouse that can give you a good birds eye view of the entire shoreline of Seopjikoji. It is closed for entry though.

The skies were still gloomy thus most of my pictures have this 'dark' atmosphere in them, rest assured though that you will enjoy it here, especially for people who enjoy natural landscapes. 

seopjikoji lighthouse
The road to the lighthouse

korea lighthouse
Seopjikoji's Lighthous

The entrance to Seopjikoji is free, so more reasons to go! It's open 24 hours as well for those who are adventurous to go during night time. The place is booming with romantic atmosphere and it would be great to visit here with someone you could hands with amidst the strong wind especially during the cold weather of Korea. Jeju definitely lives up to being the romance island of the country especially with one special tourist spot like Seopjikoji.

seopjikoji jeju
Seopjijkoji's majestic view of the sea
Seongsan Ilchubong and Seopjikoji are absolutely one of Jeju's not-to-be-missed tourist spots! Be sure to drop by on both these sites if you'll visit the island.

seopjikoji all in house
Bye Seopjikoji, for now. Hope to see you again!

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  1. That looks like a perfect place for a proposal! My boyfriend should read this blog :))

    1. That's a good idea Sheena! The clouds were just gloomy that day but on a perfect day, I bet you'll be giving your boyfriend your "YES" in a heartbeat :)

      P.S. Sheena's BF, you know what to do ;)

  2. Hi, can you give me the address of the church in Seopjikoji? Thanks


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