Monday, January 28, 2013

Trick Art Museum, Jeju - Day 12 in South Korea

It was almost nine in the morning when we reached our third destination, Jeju's Trick Art Museum, coming from Seopjikoji. Our driver was able to get us discounts which was pretty awesome. Not only has he been reliable at giving tips, he made an effort so that we can save some money too! :)

Trick Art Museum can be found at three cities in Korea; Seoul, Busan and of course, at Jeju. The one in Jeju is located in Seogwipo City nearby the Seongeup Folk Village. The entrance here is 8.000 won for aduls and 6,000 won for children.

jeju trick art museum
Behind bars... or not!
I'm a sucker for these kind of stuff. I'm amazed with neat magic tricks and illusions you can see on TV, so I was pretty ecstatic to know they had this sort of display in Korea as well. The first time I saw this kind of exhibit was in a cultural show from Japan, and I thought they only had it there.

trick art museum
Drinking wine?

korea trick art museum
Frog eating contest?

painting trick art museum
Mona Lisa smoking

jeju illusion
Yep, I'm that strong! *smug smug*

The place has different themes you could enjoy: parody zone, animal zone, Jurassic zone, aquarium zone, Egypt zone, magic zone and illusion zone.

jeju art

seoul trick art museum

seoul trick art
This one's fun!

trick art jeju

It was awesome to see replicas of famous art pieces all edited with illusion in mind. And of course, it sure was a great time to take pictures inside! The paintings have descriptions on how you could pose and what angle to take in case you get confused on how you could achieve the funniest look.

jeju trick art museum

korea trick art

jeju art

jeju painting

I almost didn't notice that it took us an hour to explore the place! Just like the Teddy Bear Museum, this place could be enjoyed by anyone. Some people may think the place is a waste of money or time (in case you're solo traveling or wanted to visit a real museum - you'd probably leave after 15 minutes), but if you love having a good laugh and are into optical illusions, I absolutely recommend this museum and would recommend that you add it on your Jeju Itinerary! I would love to go to their museum in Seoul with my family some time for more of these pictures. :)

jeju travel
Me and my friend at Jeju's Trick Eye Museum

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  1. haha.. good poses.! :D

    it's good to visit there together with your family and friends.. it's a sure funny moment with those silly art.. ! :{D

    Meron po ba tayong ganyan dito?? haha!

    1. Thanks Joen! Yes, it sure is fun to pose nakakatuwa yung design e haha.

      I think meron pero I haven't seen this yet. Sa Manila Ocean park daw meron, Seri Fantasy World yata yung tawag :D


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