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Jeju’s Sunset at Jusangjeolli Cliff - Day 11 in South Korea

The previous trip to Yongduam Rock has enabled us to have a quick trip to the airport to inquire on taxi rentals. We were able to get a taxi driver who was available the next day, which was a relief. We have then decided to explore the Jungmun Resort Area for the rest of the dat. It was very easy to commute to the resort, one must just take Limousine Bus 600 from the airport and will take 50 minutes of traveling time. For the first part, we had planned to go to Jungmun Daepo Coast, also commonly known as Jusangjeolli Cliff.

The columnar joints at Jungmun Daepo Coast is Jeju's Natural Monument No. 443. This rocky cliff run for about 2 km in the coastline of Seogwipo and were formed from the basalt flows when Nokhajiak volcano erupted 14,000-25,000 years ago. The lava that has flowed to the coast of Jungmun and through the years has formed these rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons.

sunset jeju

After getting off at the International Convention Center, we inquired the directions to Jusangjeolli Cliff. From the bus stop, it was a ten-minute straight walk with a pretty view of these meadows. Didn't know I could also have this awesome view of the sun setting while traveling in Jeju.

meadow jeju
The meadows near the cliff
jusangjeolli cliff
once you see this sign, you'll know you're near
You’d know you’re there already once you see tourist buses and stuff. Admission is 2,000 won and is open 08:00 - 19:00 or until 18:00 during winter and autumn.

jungmun cliff
The color of the pillars before dusk

We arrived around 4:30 PM but it was getting pretty dark already. It was also pretty crowded that day due to some students having their field trip.

I thought these stone pillars were very beautiful. Thinking how these were shaped by Mother Nature was very enchanting. The irregular, but striking hexagonal columns would draw you to stare at them with amazement.


I was told that the height of these columns are around 30-40 meters. You would not be able to see similar structures like these in the world aside from Jeju and in Ireland called Giant Causeway.

jeju travel

sunset korea

After some time, the sun was almost setting so I prepped my camera to take pictures of how nightfall in Jeju looks like. Jusangjeolli Cliff looked so gorgeous with the rays of sun that seem to wave to us and wish us luck for the next day's trip. The colors of the sun and the light reflecting to the ocean and to the cliff is sort of warming and inspiring. The effect was very soothing and calming to my senses, adding the windy weather of autumn that was just perfect for this moment. I knew I just fell in love with Jeju! Spending time here was the perfect way to end our afternoon. :)

seoul sunset

We left Jusangjeolli around 5:30 PM, I wanted to take more pictures but my Canon's battery has already died out and I left my extra batteries. I was hoping that there were still other nearby establishments or tourists spots open that we could still explore. 

beach korea

I know this post is not enough to express how beautiful it was to experience the sunset viewing at Jeju especially here at Jusangjeolli. Let me know what you think :)

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