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Chillin' and Food Trippin' in Malacca - Day 4 in Malaysia

Aside from the awesome sights and tourist spots to see, me and my friend were particularly interested in trying out tasty and unique dishes that Malacca can offer. Our day trip to the city was surely able to help us gain a huge appetite to look for good and cheap food, fortunately they are dime a dozen here so we did not have any problems at all.

malacca food
yum yum yum for cheap eats at Melaka!

We had our late lunch at a Baba-Nyonya themed restaurant. (I forgot its name so it would help if anyone could tell me so I can correct this post later on).

old Chinese posters

The interiors looked very nice, they were only a few tables though and I bet it can get very crowded during evenings. There were also only two staff, one who acted as the waitress and cashier and the cook. Our order took about 15-20 minutes to come so we almost feel like passing out because of hunger when the food arrived (yes, that's me overreacting).

malacca food
rose juice
lemonade :)

I was exteremely happy with the food here and I tried so hard to find the restaurant's name in the Internet so I could recommend it to friends and readers of this blog. My lemonade had that very soothing taste and wasn't too sweet nor sour so I was able to enjoy it to the very last drop, perfect for a very hot day. My friend's rose juice had an interesting taste, it was not bad, but he wished he also ordered the lemonade juice.

melaka food
Chicken Curry
malaysia hainanese chicken
Steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice

For our main dishes, The Chicken Curry has this very homey taste into it. It's not too spicy and almost had this hint of coconut which I liked. The servings of meat were also just right amount for the money we paid for. The Steamed Hainanese Chicken was also good and cooked just right. I had no problem finishing this dish in 3 minutes. :) The spicy sauce is also recommended to add that extra kick on your meal!

popiah with tomato ketchup
chicken rice ball malacca
chicken rice ball

We were hoping to try the Baba-Nyonya Laksa, which is Melaka's own version of laksa but they did not have that so we opted to order some unfamiliar dishes. Popiah, a Chinese style fresh spring roll that are also common in neighboring Asian countries. This dish reminded me of lumpia with its name and history but it tasted more like embutido. We also had the chicken rice balls that is basically steamed rice shaped into golf-sized balls. I really wished we got more of these as these were really tasty and fulfilling. The taste of chicken stock was preserved and 5 of this were enough for two people. I really loved the food here, I just wish they would at least add one staff to help out.

Baboon House Malacca
The Baboon House, Malacca
Baboon House malaysia
cute "monsters" near the entrance

After we have been to the Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum, I was able to catch this interesting cafe/restaurant called The Baboon House. It was included on our must-see list recommended by our host. The place looked more like an art shop but after venturing inside, we were surprised that there really was a small cafe there.

an old artsy green wall
some shirts being sold
malaysia food blog
The Garden

Aside from their famous burgers, one could enjoy checking out different art pieces for sale. This quaint cafe cum art gallery has different layers inside wherein you could feel nature and art flowing. It was definitely a breather to have been able to enjoy this serenity after soaking up the afternoon's heat in Malacca.

Kiwi Smoothie

Melakan coffee

As we just had a meal, we didn't order any food and only had drinks. I heard the burger was good and I felt really sad now realizing I wasn't able to try it. I got a kiwi smoothie which I extremely loved! I could drink it up everyday and the presentation looked stunning! On the other hand, my friend got a Melakan coffee which tasted a bit strong to his liking.

cool paintings that you could also buy
The Baboon House, Malacca

I would truly love to come back to this place again. The staff were very friendly and the place had good free Wi-Fi connection too. I specifically liked the "Garden" section wherein I feel like I could spend one whole afternoon just chilling out and relaxing there.

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball's red painted walls and its evening crowd
old quaint pictures of Melaka that tells us something about the city's history

After seeing the night scene at Jonker street, we planned to leave Melacca already, but of course, not after we have dinner to prepare for a couple of hours being on the road again. We went to the first restaurant we saw on the street which was Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. It catched my attention because of the red paint and the flock of locals dining in. We didn't have time to decide
on what to order so we just got the safest choices we can get.

Lime Juice
I was really really disappointed with this Lime juice, I beg you not to order this when you eat there please! It was super duper sweet and the taste of lime was unbelievably awful. I felt like puking after one sip.

hainanese chicken malaysia
Roasted Hainanese Chicken

The Roasted Hainanese Chicken really looked nice in the picture but the only thing I liked about it was the skin. Some parts of the meat were not cooked very well, still had blood on them, we didn't ask it to be recooked as we didn't had time so we weren't really able to finish this dish, so we just left the uncooked parts. The sauce also tasted very salty.

yam rice ball malaysia
yam rice ball

We had a yam rice chicken ball as we have already tasted the normal rice ball during our lunch earlier. I really didn't know what to say about this, but best not to order this unless you are curious how it tastes like (just like how we felt when we ordered).

cendol malaysia

Lastly is this cendol, a dessert that is said to have originated in Indonesia, is composed of ice, coconut milk, jelly noodles, and palm sugar, Malacca's version on the other hand uses their own brown sugar. My friend was able to eat this because of the brown sugar topping on top but I felt that it tasted less satisfactory than other cendols I have had in Malaysia. I thought the food on this joint was blah and better to eat somewhere else.

Going only on a day trip to Malacca would probably confuse travelers on where to get the best Melakan cuisine as there really are to many restaurants to choose from, especially in Jonker Street. I extremely had fun sampling dishes here on our limited time and wished I could have stayed more just to eat and chill.

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  1. Wow, they certainly have interesting dishes! And my, I envy you because you've been to Malaysia already. Ibang level na! :)

    1. Hi Renz, yup they sure do and super mura pa! You have to go to Malaysia, ang sarap kumain dahil hindi mabigat sa bulsa, sobrang busog pa ;)

  2. hi, do you remember na the restaurant you mentioned first? the one with chicken rice ball :)

    1. sorry I wasn't able to get the name :( but chicken rice ball is everywhere in Malacca you can find it in almost any restaurant there


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