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Pink Mosque, Putrajaya and Blue Mosque, Selangor - Day 3 in Malaysia

Seeing mosques were a special part of this trip. I really had no idea that non-Muslims can go inside them unless you had a permit or want to convert to the religion. I was curious on how mosques look like inside and was even more curious about the religion and beliefs. I grew up as a Catholic and studied at a Catholic school until high school so I only had ideas about the Muslim religion during our History class. I knew of mosques that were open to tourists while researching for our trip to Malaysia so I definitely had to include on going to at least one on our itinerary. We planned to visit this one famous mosque in Putrajaya so we specifically went there for a day trip.

pink mosque
Putra Square and Putra Mosque, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Masjid Putra, or Putra Mosque, is the main mosque of Putrajaya located west of Putra Square. Three-quarters of the mosque extends to the lake, so there are some angles wherein it would seem like it is floating on the waters of Putrajaya Lake. The mosque is said to have a capacity of 15,000 woshippers and was constructed in 1997. It is most distinguished for its outstanding pink color and its minaret that stands 116-meters that is said to be the tallest in Southeast Asia.

Pink Mosque putrajaya
Putra Mosque or most commonly known as the Pink Mosque
Pink Mosque
the magnanimous minaret

It was very crowded that afternoon, we really didn't think about the schedule but good thing that we came on a Saturday as it would have been hard to get inside on a Friday as this is the holy day for the Muslims. Really good timing too as going there after 6 PM would prohibit us on going inside.

entrance to the Pink Mosque

Just like in any religious place, one must be appropriately dressed before entering, may you be a believer of the said religion or not. In preparation for visiting the mosque, I wore long sleeves and pants to cover skin but I was still required to wear the pink robe that was provided by the staff. The cloth was very thick and it was hot on the skin but I must endure it for a couple of minutes so that I could see the Pink Mosque by myself. Women are required to wear the robe closed with the hood on, while my guy friend was wearing shorts but he wore the robe just like how he would wear a long cardigan.

Pink Mosque malaysia
the robe given to the non-Muslim visitors of the mosque

I was really amused by the sophisticated architecture of the Pink Mosque. It was more beautiful seeing it up close. The combination of Middle Eastern and traditional Malay design was made in very good taste, and the light rose color adds a more solemn and light feel to the entire mosque. The exquisitely decorated dome was also meticulously painted. Just look at those details and the windows on top. It may be the first time that I liked something that was pink in color.

the exteriors of the dome!

Moving on to the main hall, one must note that shoes have to be taken off at this area. Menstruating female are also requested not to go inside as to maintain cleanliness and purity. There were tons of free leaflets available in the entrance to the hall and guides that are available to assist with any questions visitors may have about the Muslim religion.

the different postures when praying to Allah

The Main Prayer Hall has no internal partitions, though men and women are still separated, men on the ground floor and women on the next floor. I asked a Muslim guide why this is so and apparently this is to prevent any sort of distraction while spending your time with God.

I wanted to ask more questions regarding the interior design of the place but it was getting too hot having to wear the robe, I just wanted to take it off as soon as possible. After a few snaps, we decided to see what's in store for us in the area.

Pink Mosque muslim
the magnificent interiors of the dome
The Main Prayer Hall
lovely details of the carpet!

We were able to find a mall nearby the mosque and upon venturing around the area some more, we were able to see magnificent views of the mosque and the surrounding areas. We explored some more to see Putrajaya with our own feet and you may read about it here.

Pink Mosque putrajaya

mosque malaysia
the lovely view of the Pink Mosque overlooking Putrajaya Lake

We headed off to Shah Alam, Selangor afterwards to see another one of Malaysia's colorful mosques. We rode the KTM Komuter to Shah Alam station. From the train station, we took a cab and the driver was also nice enough to give us some info regarding the mosque. Please also plan ahead on how you'll be going back to the station as getting a cab from the mosque is very very frustrating! After almost half an hour, we had the staff call a cab for us and we were just in time not to miss the last train going back to KL Sentral. Whew!!! So far, the people I have met here were the friendliest and funniest folks in Malaysia!

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque or most commonly known as the Blue Mosque, is Malaysia's largest mosque and is also the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia. It was planned to be constructed when the Sultan of Selangor declared Shah Alam to be the state's capital and that a state mosque should be erected there. It is said to be able to accommodate 24,000 worshippers and has also 2 levels, the Main Prayer Hall and the upper floor for the women.

Blue Mosque
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque

The architecture of the mosque appeared to be more modern but still with distinct Malay touch. Its most notable feature is its large blue and silver dome. There are Calligraphic inscriptions in it that are said to be completed by a renowed calligrapher from Egypt. The mosque has also four minarets that stand 140 feet tall, one erected on each corner to protect the dome.

Blue Mosque selangor
the glamorous blue dome of the Blue Mosque

The staff of the mosque were also extremely helpful and seeing that I am fully covered with clothing, has only lend me a scarf to cover my head while entering the mosque's premises. A priest was supposed to guide us inside, however the evening prayers were about to start so we left him to do his responsibilities for the night. After the prayer rituals, we were given the go signal to go inside the mosque. We were required again to take off our shoes which was no problem for us. The Blue Mosque could be quite intimidating due to its size and you could be entering any room if you are not reading the tags on the door. Heck, I almost entered the men's shower room! lol

Blue Mosque malaysia
the blue decorated main hall/prayer room

Just like the Pink Mosque, almost all the decorations and colors used are in blue. I especially loved its blue carpet because the designs were simple yet cute because of the geometric patterns. The whole area also felt like a big complex to me, it just doesn't include the main prayer hall inside, there was a big open area that also enable worshippers to rest and interact with family and friends. I think since we came on a Saturday, there was also a bazaar inside, mostly selling clothing and accessories required for Muslims, the Holy Qur'an/Koran, religious books and even food.  The entire area felt more homey and friendly to me compared to the Pink Mosque. I was not able to take more pictures as they were already closing up for the day but I was very glad to have this mosque on our itinerary.

one of the prayer halls
they even have massage chairs!

It was truly an enlightening experience to visit mosques on our trip to Malaysia. It gave a different light as to how I see the religion and gave me more knowledge about it and its worshippers. Seeing locals live their religion was certainly an eye-opener and helped me learn about their culture and way of living. Our visit here surely was a different way of spending the Holy Week, that's for sure.

muslim travel blogger
still have to get used to wearing the scarf

How to go to Putrajaya
Take the KLIA transit train from KL Sentral to Putrajaya, from there take the Nadi Putra bus to Dataran Putra or Putra Square

Operating Hours:
Saturday to Thursday - 9AM to 12:30PM, 2PM to 4PM, 5:30PM to 6PM
Fridays - 3PM to 4PM and 5:30PM to 6PM (Just 1 1/2 hours)

How to go to Shah Alam, Blue Mosque
Take the KTM Komuter to Shah Alam station then take a cab to Blue Mosque

Operating Hours:
Saturday to Thursday - 9AM to 1PM, 3PM to 4PM, 5:30PM to 6PM
Fridays have limited schedule - 9AM to 2PM, 4PM to 7PM

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  1. Greetings.

    I'm a Malaysian who just happened to stumble upon this as surfing around the net. Thanks for your lovely entry on the Putra Mosque and Selangor State Mosque. It really pleasing to read of the satisfaction you get from the visits to my country.

    Please come again anytime you'd like and test out all our foods! we really have tons of delicacies that your tastebuds would love!



    1. Thank you for the compliments! I really enjoyed my stay at Malaysia and next time I hope to see Langkawi and other eco destinations. I am also excited to go back just for the food, the diverse cuisines at dirt cheap prices at the hawker stalls is one good reason enough! Agh if only I have enough money for a plane ticket :|


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