Friday, July 4, 2014

Another Korean Feast at Hwaroro Korean Grill Buffet

It was Father's Day and the parents were suggesting we go out and eat at a Korean restaurant, both of them really have taken a fascination with the Korean cuisine! Since there were a number of relatives also joining us for the day, I decided to go with the buffet, that way it's more sulit and we can eat everything that we want. We've been frequenting Don Day since it's quite close from where we live, but this time a friend suggested that we try a similar restaurant that is also located nearby called Hwaroro Korean Grill Buffet, the place sounded interesting so we opted to try this establishment.

hwaroro korean grill buffet
le sister excited to get her food

Located along Scout Tobias, Quezon City, Hwaroro Korean Grill Buffet is one of the restaurant in QC that offers an eat-all-you-can buffet experience. On Monday-Thursday the lunch rate is 349 pesos and during Friday-Sunday and dinner, the rate is 399 pesos, both inclusive of taxes and other charges. It is owned by a Korean national and looks to be regularly visited also by celebrities as you can see at their display by the entrance. At first glance, the area would look like it only has around 10 tables, but as you enter the buffet proper, there are rooms that can fit big groups and in entirety has around 20-30 tables. It can get crowded during special holidays and events so be sure to make a reservation.

hwaroro korean grill buffet qc
Hwaroro Korean Grill Buffet

There was a variety on the dishes offered, just like your ordinary Korean buffet. Staples such as rice, banchan, soup and kimchi of course, were present. Of course, my eyes automatically searched for the meat. For the grill buffet, there were lots to choose from, pork, beef and even fish meat were available, and I had a hard time choosing what to get first. I read online that they had their own make-your-own-bibimbap station but I didn't see one when we went there.

the seaweed soup or miyeok guk
some of their beef dishes
their own version of tangsuyuk, sweet and sour pork

Time to finally eat! I started off with chapchae, kimbap, sweet and spicy chicken, tamago/egg sashimi. The egg sashimi was good even though it was cold, actually most of what they had in the buffet was cold, I think they should invest on buying food warmers. The sweet and spicy chicken could have been good too but it was too oily for me. The chapchae was very very bland, I couldn't finish mine and I am a big fan of chapchae :( The biggest disappointment of all was the fried rice! The rice was very sticky, it looks almost spoiled but doesn't smell like it yet. Parang ilang minutes na lang mapapanis na at niluto na lang para hindi sayang. I don't know about you, but I am irked by these kind of things.

hwaroro korean grill buffet quezon city
sweet and spicy chicken and also fried chicken
hwaroro buffet
chapchae and mixed vegetables

meatballs and korean sprill rolls
kyeran mal or tamago sashimi, in  English, egg! haha
kimbap and fried rice

Ok, there is still a big upside to Hwaroro, the meats!!! I am at awe by the variety of meats that the provide and the taste is also good once grilled. They keep the meats refrigerated to keep its freshness. All of the meats I've tried were surprisingly juicy and oh so tender! I recommended eating the marinated ones as it is and the ones without marinade with lettuce and gochujang. If you want meat then for sure you will be satisfied with their selection!!! Hayyy! In love with their marinated liempo, can't remember how many plates I've "cleaned" for these.

nice selection of meats they got there
korean buffet
beef meat that looks like gyudon cuts, marinated pork meat and hotdogs
hwaroro korean buffet
pork belly, marinated pork belly and marinated beef
lots of dipping sauces to choose from

As for dessert, they had some cookies and fruits like watermelon and pineapple to cleanse the palate. They also had drinks but unfortunately, they are not included in the buffet, though you can opt to have them bottomless for an extra charge. Korean ice cream can also be bought here.

Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Accessibility/Location: 4.5 - Easy to reach via local transport

Ambiance/Staff: 3 - The staff were attentive and friendly though I think they are outnumbered? because there would be a long stack of plates before one staff would come and pick it up on our table. They were quick on refilling some of the dishes on the buffet though. They also had weak airconditioning, I hope they at least add more fans to improve ventilation.

Food: 3 - I am really torn with this, I would probably give a higher score for their grilled meat selection but I am just very disappointed with some of the dishes on the table/

Price: 5 - Price is competitive, for the variety of meat, then this one is definitely a bang for the buck!

hwaroro korean buffet quezon city

I would still probably come back again at Hwaroro because the amount of meat I eat can compensate for the buffet price. I hope though that they will improve the quality of the rest of the dishes so they will gain more customers. :)

Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant
Tomas Morato #76 Sct. Tobias.,
South Triangle, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 410 2793

Hwaroro Korean Grill Reastaurant Branch's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)


  1. our family loves korean buffets and grill.. will try hwaroro next time :)

    1. yup, mine too, sulit naman for 400 :) thanks for dropping by Berylle

  2. Hi. For food quality-- Don Day or Hwaroro?


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