Sunday, March 29, 2015

Health and Wellness with Yummy Diet Fitness Party

I've been avoiding something like the plague. Something I had to do years ago, but finally this 2015, I have decided to turn over a new leaf and get it over with. I need to change my eating lifestyle and be a stronger and literally, a "lighter" person this year. I have always been hesitant before to try any diet or exercise programs because I just love to sleep and eat and repeat that routine over and over again. Even though I've seen dramatic results from officemates who followed a strict program, I always just shrugged it off and said "Nah, I would just tire myself off" or "I would just do it next year". Years have passed but I still did nothing, but then I started to feel like I have a body of a 40 years old when I am in fact, still on my early 20s! I hated the fact that I cannot keep up the pace when we hiked to Lake Holon. Nothing will happen if I don't commit and push myself. It was just perfect timing when I was invited to a fitness event, which is the first ever that I have attended!

Last week, together with some bloggers and wellness enthusiasts, we were invited to try some delicious yet healthy snacks, drinks and even workout programs. I have to admit I was familiar with these programs but I have never really tried them ever! I used to dance hip hop before in highschool but I guess you can only count the times that I have properly exercised with your fingers so this was basically another first for me.

We did Aero-G led by the Slimmers World, they used really upbeat and current songs that you hear on the radio. The dance routine was really fun and it didn't feel like workout at all. Think of it as a modern hip hop dance class. Next off, we did Zumba led by the Curves Team. I so looove reggaeton music and I had no idea that they use this kind of music for Zumba or I would have tried this before. I really enjoyed this session because the music was fun and the instructors were so into it, they just bring so much energy to the workout! And lastly was Yoga by YogaPlus, the best way to relax the mind and body and test our flexibility as well.

bloggers sweating it out to zumba dance moves

The Yummy Diet
I am too lazy to prepare my own meals and so I always resorted to fast food. Bleh! My friends have been raving on and on about these new diet deliveries that offers calorie counting programs. And I am really glad to sample some of these dishes from Yummy Diet. Of course, they do the hard work for you, meal preparation and calorie counting. All you have to do is wait for them to deliver it to your house or office for five days a week! So convenient, right? They cover Metro Manila and also some parts of Rizal and other cities in the South.

We were able to sample some of the dishes and not only do they look good, they also tasted good! Some of the dishes that we tried are as follows:
Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella: 118 Calories/piece
Yummy Diet Kitchen’s Homemade Cheese Pimiento on Whole Wheat Crackers: 45.5 Calories/piece
Baked Coconut Shrimp w/ Orange Dipping Sauce: 76 Calories/2 Shrimps
Tuna-Stuffed Sweet Peppers: 40 Calories/piece
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap: 153 Calories/piece
Yummy Diet Kitchen’s Signature Egg Muffin: 133 Calories/piece

some of the very delish dishes from Yummy Diet

Goldpress Juices
I also noticed that juicing is starting to become a fad now. Of course I have never tried this before as well, but I took this opportunity to get to know this new product from Yummy Diet and Fruit Magic. So the ingredients are mostly composed of fruits and vegetables and I can't believe that they taste yummy even though the combination sounds weird, at least to me. I was just amazed. And to top that, no preservatives and you are rest assured that the ingredients used are fresh. I especially liked Red Ahead and Ruby Red.

Here are the different drinks that we got to try out:
Green Machine: Celery, Cucumber, Pineapple, Apple, Spinach
Green Glean: Cucumber, Pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Apple
Real Red: Carrot, Red Beet, Lemon, Grapes, Cucumber, Mint
Ruby Red: Red Beet, Apple, Watermelon
Red Ahead: Carrot, Turnip, Pineapple, Romaine Lettuce, Apple, Orange, Red Beet
Orange Gilt II: Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit

fun but healthy drinks with Goldpress

I really learned lots about healthy eating from this event. It did motivate me knowing that we have these resources that provide healthy meal options for those that live on a fast-paced environment such as Metro Manila. I can't wait to be part of more events like these and I will be posting a review of Yummy Diet's one week meal and juice package in the future so stay tuned. :)

some of my favorite goodies from the event

For more information about their program, check them out on Facebook:
Yummy Diet

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