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The Most Beautiful Places to Go When it’s Cold Outside

People say, there are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working. We can watch running water forever, but what if it's not just running water, what if you are to see magical running water like a frozen waterfall? Dynamics, energy, and the beauty of such a natural miracle are truly inspiring.

Well, nothing stands still, and one season is going after another. So when winter comes, frozen waterfalls appear. Such waterfalls are amazing, because the frozen water turns into fascinating sculptures.

Some waterfalls freeze completely when the winter comes: for example, the waterfalls of Iceland and New Zealand. Some freeze partially.It all depends on the frost. If you do not want to risk, go on cheapfirstclass.com/business-class-flight-deal/ and get a ticket to a truly cold country.

The famous Niagara Falls in winter does not freeze. Ice binds the banks of the river and the edges of the waterfall. However, once the Niagara Falls did freeze completely. It was 1911, when America was overtaken by unprecedented frosts. The rolling waves of Niagara turned into ice masses. The extraordinary form of the waterfall attracted an huge number of tourists from all over the planet.

The waterfalls freeze slowly. First, the ice covers the river, which feeds the waterfall. The flow slows down, the volume of the falling water decreases. That is, the water no longer falls, but flows slowly over the ice. So, over time, waterfall freezes, turning into an ice wall.

Waterfalls, which fall from a great height and do not touch the rocks are especially beautiful and unusual. The falling water turns into ice from the bottom up, and huge pillars are being formed!

Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland
The Godophos waterfall, located on the largest river in the Skyanulfandaflouet country, is a genuine pearl of Icelandic nature. Its sizes are not huge (its width is 30 meters and the height is 12 meters), but it still attracts crowds of tourists. Experienced travelers are trying to plan a trip to the waterfall in the winter, in order to admire the amazing ice sculptures formed by water jets.

• Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Another winter masterpiece is the Plitvice Lakes charming frozen waterfalls. Croatia's most popular monument is a cascade of 16 turquoise ponds, with its own system of streams and waterfalls. It is worth noting that tourists arrive at least twice here: both in the summer and in winter.

• Fang Falls, USA
Fang Falls, located in Colorado, attract not only travelers but also rock climbers. A great number of enthusiasts gather here every year,in order to conquer the 50-meter ice colon.

• SounkyoWaterfall, Japan
The Japanese island of Hokkaido is a popular winter resort: there are ski slopes and ice festivals. Another highlight of this place is its frozen waterfalls. The Sounkyo Canyon is the most famous Little Princess Waterfall.

• Valaste Waterfall, Estonia
The Estonian waterfall cannot boast of its size and even natural origin (it was formed due to an artificial duct to drain water from the fields). Nevertheless, this waterfall is considered to be a national symbol of the country. Winter landscapes in Ida-Virumaa County near Kohtla-Järve are charming. Besides, they built a bridge here for a better contemplation of the natural beauty.

The USA has their Fang Falls, which turns into an ice column with a diameter of 8 meters and a height of about 50 meters in winter (like a seventeen-story building)! TheValaste waterfall in Estonia, looks like an unusual ice forest – everything turns into icicles grow, except for the waterfall! Tourists, coming here in winter, get into a fairy tale. In Russia, winters are always cold, so most waterfalls freeze. The most impressive one is Chegem waterfall.

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