Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thrift Finds in Manila (Part 3)

I'm back again with the 'Thrift Finds' series, I just found two great ukay-ukay shops in the metro and I just can't wait to share the great pieces I purchased there! If you're interested to see other part of the series, this is for Part 1 and Part 2. For these past posts, I've just shared some shoe and bag thrift scores, but for now, I'll be showing some of the recent clothing finds I had. I just got them at a very very very cheap price - and oh, did i mention that these are all branded?! :) I have not ironed these as I was to excited to post this on the blog so apologies for the pictures.

First off is this shirt from a Japanese fashion label called Comme des Garcons. I'm not sure if this will fit me though (I have not tried this on yet), so if not, I might just sell this one.

Comme des Garcons
The contrast of the polka dot sizes on both sides, nice!

Comme des Garcons polka

If you have not heard of the brand, you may have probably seen some of their collaborations with H&M. I have this shirt that I totally love from this label. I have the black and the red heart design. (I just love it, I got three shirts, ha!) Click here to go to their site.

poker face?

I got three pieces that are meant to be worn for this weather - AUTUMN! We don't have this season in the Philippines though, which sucks, however since they were very much discounted, I bought them anyway.

This black long coat/jacket is from a brand from Hongkong called Two Percent. Perfect for airconditioned offices! Haha You may have seen this brand already in SM Department store but I think the designs that they have are a bit outdated.

Two Percent
Missing one button though :(
Two Percent vintage
I love that there are pockets on the sides
Two Percent hong kong

Next one is a raincoat dress from Zara. It would look great with tights!

Zara vintage

Zara ukay-ukay

Last from this series is this Military inspired jacket from Divided by H&M. I can't wait wear to wear this, it just looks so great and fits me perfectly. There were three women eyeing this in the thrift store (read: ukay-ukay) as they were asking the store clerk whether they had a similar design, so nice that I got it first, I just feel that it was meant for me haha :P

Divided by H&M

Divided by H&M coat vintage
Divided by H&M
It was priced 300 pesos (equivalent to almost 7$) but I only got it for 1/4 the tag price, of course it would be way more expensive when you buy it at H&M
These will be all for now, I might share more branded clothing finds next time so just stay tuned! :)

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