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Romwe.com Review - The tips and tricks

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Romwe and this is a post to describe my shopping experience way back in 2012, this is not a sponsored post! For your negative feedback, please get in touch with their customer service staff since I will not be able to relay it to them.

I have been addicted with a lot of colorblock patterns with shirts lately (I have six to ten tops with this pattern) and I can't seem to get enough of them! Gaaaah! And so when I saw some bloggers wearing those Black and White colorblock shirts from a site called Romwe, I know I just had to have mine!

Romwe was established in the 2009’s Christmas night. Just within half a year, Romwe has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion. (from Romwe.com)

Romwe is an online store based in China that sells apparel, shoes, accessories and other vintage pieces as well. They offer free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase.

romwe.com review
Romwe.com's Homepage

First, I browsed for reviews from other bloggers (of course, I don't want to involve myself on something when there's no refund policy). There were mixed opinions, others saying they never got their items, but then, there are a lot of Filipinos who have already bought from the site so I guess, why not.

I ordered four items - three shirts and one pair of tights. Good thing that they give a discount code for your first order and they usually give out discounts as well if you reach a certain amount, say $20 of when you reach a total of $110.

romwe order review
This is how the invoice looks like

While ordering, I also added a note saying to put a different amount for the total (as our post office here in the city is widely known for giving out extreme custom duty taxes - but more of this in another post.)

I placed my order last Aug 10 (they sent an online invoice to my e-mail) and was dispatched Aug 18 (I also received a tracking number the same date). I was able to receive my items in our local post office here in Manila, Philippines after 3 weeks that it was said to be delivered.

The measurements of the clothing are posted on the website so you can gauge if it will fit you or not.

The orders came in this plastic with the "Romwe" tags. And now, here is my haul... (insert background music)

romwe review

First off are these tights that were on sale. It did not have any picture in the packaging.

Next off is this red knitted jumper. It is tagged as Freesize. The color of the jumper on the site is the same when I received it. There were some loose stitching near the armpit area but I was able to mend it.

romwe purchase

Look how the detailed the stitching is
The "loose hole" detail
These are the color block shirts I have been raving about! I finally have it yipee! :)

The material is chiffon like but it is not that transparent (I might wear it with an inner tee though.) For those who want to see how transparent the cloth is I have sample pictures below (I laid a book underneath it so you can gauge).

romwe blog review

Lastly is this color block top again which is already sold out.

romwe blogger

The buttons are so cute!
Romwe's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Site's ease of use: 5 - The site is very easy to use - though the format is similar to those of other websites such as Asos, etc. You can also see the measurements per clothing and it will also show how many stocks are available per design. They accept credit cards and Paypal for payment.

Customer service/Staff: 4.5 - They have a very responsive customer service team, it will usually take 1 day after you have sent your email for them to reply, they have 24/7 customer service line but I haven't tried it so I can't really comment on that. I can say that the processing of orders took a long time since I was told that it would usually take them 10 days. However the 365 days to exchange or refund policy more than compensates that (I am not just sure though if the buyer would shoulder the shipping fees but most likely this will be the case).

Quality of clothes: 5 - I am really happy with the items I got and was not disappointed given that this was my first time to buy from them. The measurements they provide were pretty accurate.

Price: 4.5 - I'd say that the items I got were affordable given that it was shipped for free to the Philippines and the quality was superb. The shipping was quite fast though given that usually when I order from China I'd receive them after 30-45 days however my orders from Romwe took only 3 weeks waiting time for the shipping.

In conclusion, I probably would buy again from Romwe as my first experience with them was excellent. I have yet to buy those spike loafers which are a bit expensive though :(

For any questions, just leave a comment on this post regarding my review and haul from Romwe. I may do another post about receiving parcels with the post office but I will probably do this next week.


  1. "While ordering, I also added a note saying to put a different amount for the total (as our post office here in the city is widely known for giving out extreme custom duty taxes - but more of this in another post.)"

    hi can you please tell me more about this? It might be helpful even though i'm from a different city. Thanks!

    1. Hi Zelle, I added a note after completing my order saying "Kindly only state XX$ amount as the total and declare this as 'Gift(s)'"

    2. Forgot to add, this "trick" might help lower your custom duties especially when you really have received the items as Gifts and don't want to be taxed that much.

  2. How much in total did you spend on this in peso? Is it that expensive?

    1. Hello Michelle, couldn't remember the exact amount but I think around 2,500-3,000? The white and blue colorblock was a bit expensive.

  3. hello, after reading your post i placed an order on the site but after 24h the email hasnt arrived yet....how long did yours take to arrive after the payment? thank you very much

    1. Hey there. I received the receipt from Paypal and the order confirmation from Romwe on the same day, though I couldn't remember if I received that after ordering (but I suppose so since Paypal sends receipts as soon as purchase is made). If it takes longer than 3 days, I suggest you connect with their customer support.

    2. nothing till today...i have sent 3 emails and no answear...i didnt have a paypal account so i payed only with credit card number. i dont know if that way paypal send the receipt also....

    3. I was able to contact their email customer service and they replied after a day. Was your credit card billed already? Check your romwe account if the order details were posted. If you pay with Credit card if I remember correctly, it will route you to paypal, and you should still be able to receive a receipt from them.

  4. update: they told me no purchase was found and to make a new one. i did and told when my credit card bill came i would check to see if it was charged twice (it will ...) and then ill send them the copy so they (hopefully) refund me :)

    1. Hi,

      Did you ever get your refund? The same thing is happening to me, I paid via MasterCard and its come out of my account but there was no record of my order anywhere on Romwe. The site said that the transaction didn't go through and the funds wouldn't be deducted, but they were anyway :/

  5. Horrible experience

    I wish I had read these reviews before I bought from Romwe

    Beautiful items if you really can receive it!
    I placed 2 differents orders 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my stuffs to be shipped!!!
    in the website they claim "shipping in 24 hours" which is NOT TRUE!

    This transaccion has been such a huge headache! I never though that buying from ROMWE online store would turn into this nightmare!
    The fact that I need to receive my stuff before my moving makes everything more stressful for me.

    I payed trough Paypal and they toke my money right away and I'm not sure when I'm going to receive my dresses or even if I'm going to receive at all......
    Btw, in my account my order status is permanently “PROCESSING” ….

    1. That's too bad! I myself had a good purchasing experience and bought twice already. But frankly, I don't think the 24 hours shipping is not possible UNLESS you live in Singapore or China. Please do contact their customer support and route your concern through them, they'll be able to give you updates on your items.

  6. How did the tights fit? I'm worried my legs won't look right in the tights because it might stretch the tights too much.

  7. Hi Mariane! I'm Shayne from the Philippines.. I just would like to know if you paid anything with custom? There are a lot of stuff I want to buy on Romwe but afraid that the Custom will charge me way over the price that I will pay for the purchase.

    1. Hi Shayne, when buying online I suggest buying only 2-3 items at a time. My city customs office usually open packages and check the tags and the price or total amount

  8. Hey there! Im from Singapore and i ordered a pair of heels from romwe on the 16th of october but they've yet to arrive :( should i be worried? My order status is currently at 'delivering' but they did send me two order confirmation emails after i made the order though.

    1. I would be really quick about escalating a claim if you paid by paypal. They are horribly dishonest. If you read other reviews, items either arrive late or never arrive, and they will pretend that the items are actually on the way. The quality if horrible. I would steer clear of them

  9. HI, I would just like to inquire regarding the shipping. You said it arrived 3 weeks after it was dispatched in the Phil., did you do other stuff like inquire in the postal service? I'm asking since I purchased something from the site and it hasn't arrive yet, its closing to a month after it was delivered here in the Phil. and still no news. I keep tracking it thru phil post and so far no change on the status.

  10. Anyone reading this post and thinking of ordering from Romwe.com please reconsider. The material and quality of their clothing are terrible. And very dishonest customer service. They pretend they have not received the return, which is born by your own pocket by the way eventhough tracking indicates they have. And please be aware if you are paying by paypal, you should escalate a claim before the end of the period paypal would cover the claim, as you might see elsewhere that romwe is also notoriously unreliable with their shipping.

  11. Hi! Did you try Ordering from this website www.oasap.com and www.sheinside.com ? Thanks!

  12. is it okay if i will order a $30 dress and tel them to only declare $10?
    how much did you pay on the post office?

  13. The romwe website lured me into making an order with a 60% off all first orders discount. When I tried to use the code, it would not work and only gave me a 55% discount. After I contacted them multiple times, they refused to refund me the 5% difference even though it was an issue with their own coupon system. When I received my package (3 weeks later), some of the clothes weren't even in the right colour and does not at all reflect the design. Terrible customer services, terrible products. I will never be using them again. Don't make the same mistake.


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