Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jeju via Plane – Booking via T’way Airlines Part 1

In preparation for my much-awaited 16 day trip to SouthKorea, I have already started creating my itinerary. I’d be visiting not only Seoul of course, but to some provinces as well and one of them is Jeju.

Jeju is only accessible via plane, as it an island and quite far from Seoul. Thus, I had to book a round trip ticket to Jeju. Options from Busan were JejuAir and AirBusan – I had to choose the latter as the date for my planned arrival to Jeju had no other available slots for Jejuair, it was a bit expensive but I had no choice. There were no hassles booking for the flight though, as the website had an English page. For my Jeju-Seoul flight, I had the option to book it via JejuAir, Eastar, and T’way Airlines. The first two were a bit pricey and they had no good schedule available so I had to choose T’way in this case, the website is all in Korean though! Uh oh! What to do!

Good thing I have knowledge of the Korean language, I was able to navigate the website somehow. Booking a plane ticket would require you to sign up first to their website (this is a requirement for other websites as well such as JejuAir, AirBusan, etc). For this post, I’d guide you first on how to set-up an account as easy as 1,2,3!

tway air booking
Told ya, all in Korean!

The site is accessible via http://www.twayair.com. To create an account, go to the right-hand side of the page, and select the Log-in (로그인) option as shown below.

You will then be prompted to the Log-in page, you just enter a username and password to log in, but for account creation, you should click the gray button that I have boxed in blue (회원가입). In case you are curious what the other option beside it is for, it is used in case you forgot your username/password. It will give you several options for retrieval.

Next step will be filling up your basic information – as I assume you are a foreigner (since you are reading this guide) just click the ‘foreign resident/Foreigner’ option, and the other details are pretty self-explanatory. After you have completed this, click the button on the left to confirm (확인). The button on the right means ‘Cancel.’

Afterwards, you will be prompted to the Terms of Agreement page, which of course, I did not read :P Technique here is all the left options are the ones you must choose, it means you agree to the details stated, and the other one just says you don’t. There are four boxes that you have to put a check mark on as shown on these images. Press '회원가입 계속 진행' to confirm and agree with all the details.

You will now be filling up your T’way details. Yey! All information with the red numbers are required.
Information you have to input are the following:

tway english guide

1 – Name: Last Name – Given Name – Sex
2 – T’way ID (You have to cleck the button beside it, it will prompt you this window.

tway english

The statement just means you can use your ID. Click the red button (아이디사용) that means ‘Use ID’.
3 – Password, enter 6-20 characters/digits
4 – Password confirmation
5 – Birthdate
6 – Email address (your T’way details will be sent here as well, but not your flight itinerary though, not sure why)
7 – Address
8 – Cell Phone number (this is the confusing part as you are required to choose the mobile provider numbers in Korea – numbers 010, 018,019 – so I just put in any number I could think of as I did not have any cell phone number in Korea)
Click the red button on your left (회원가입 하기).
And that’s it!!! You now have a T’way account! That easy!

You will also be sent with an e-mail confirmation with your username, name and e-mail address with it.

tway air membership

I will be doing a guide on how to book a flight with T’way Air on my next post.

For any questions on the signing up process just leave a comment below. Also, you may read my write up on our flight with T'way Airlines to Seoul in this post.


  1. Hi, could you help me?
    i wonder why almost all airlines in Korea (from Gimpo to Jeju) offer 9 seats only for online reservation in every flight (except easter jet)?

    1. Hello Vivie, I am not sure why that is so as I haven't tried booking for more than 9 seats. But maybe you could try by directly calling via their call center? I think they would recommend this for group booking. Have you tried other airlines aside from Jeju Air and Jetstar as well?

  2. Hi Mariane,

    I was trying to book return flight fr gimpo to jeju for November but it kept showing me no flights available which I think is a little strange. I did sign up though.
    The website is in korean and it is very difficult for me to navigate as I do not read hangul at all. Do you have any idea whether they have a window period to book a ticket for example eastarjet used to only allow booking 3 months in advanced.

    1. Hi! You can check out Part 2 of this post on my guide how to book even when the site is in Korean :)
      Yup, I think they have a window. AFAIR, I booked a month before out trip maybe you can try again after 1-2 mos.

  3. hi mariane .i have book the tway flight to jeju but given reservation no. is it ok to check in?


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