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Jeju via Plane – Booking via T’way Airlines Part 2

This a continued post for booking via T'way Airlines (please see earlier post on how to make a log-in ID here.) First click Log-In (as shown below) and input your membership details.

tway air blog

tway air log in
Click the left button to log-in, the right one in case you forgot your ID/password

As you already have your log-in details, the next step is to sign in and book your flight! My recommended browser for T'way is Internet Explorer as based from my experience, when I used Firefox or Google Chrome, I had problems viewing the page especially when printing the itinerary.

tway air booking

 I'd run through the important words you see in this picture:

국내선 예매 - Domestic reservation 국제선 예매  - International reservation

여정선택 - Journey or itinerary selection   왕복 - Round trip   편도 - One way
출발지 - Origin 가는날 - Date of Departure
도착지 - Destination 오는날 - Date of Arrival
인천 - Incheon 김포 - Gimpo 제주 - Jeju

성인 - Adult 
소아 ( 2-12) - Children (ages 2 to 12) 유아 ( 2 미만) - Infant (2 years old and below) 
(Number) - Number of Person
프루모션 코드 - Promotion code
예매하기 - Reserve!

Domestic destinations available

After clicking the 'Reserve/예매하기' button, you will then be given options for time and prices. The ~석 written beside the prices pertains to the available seats for that flight/price.

tway air fare
my arrival to jeju

tway air booking
my departure from Jeju

This is a sample computation for round trip ticket including the taxes, etc. Click  '다음' or Next.

flight korea domestic

It will prompt some rules for the flight (which of course, I did not read :P thus the screenshot being blurry and all.)

Tick the check box below and click '확인' to proceed.

Almost done! Details of your chosen flight are shown afterwards. You may now have to re-check your personal information such as name, birthday, email address, cellphone number, etc. This auto-input. Click '입력완료' to proceed.

local flight korea

Another window will pop-up to re-confirm your flight details and price. Click '지금 결제하기' to continue with the payment.

flight korea

More details will be added below needed for your payment.
First, look for '카드구분' and then choose the button for '해외카드' that means International card.
Choose your card type under '카드종류': '비자' Visa, '마스터' Master, '아멕스' AMEX
Input your card numbers in the '카드번호' - Card Number field
Add in the '카드만료일' - Card Expiration
Click '결제하기' to complete payment.

WHEW! THERE YOU HAVE IT! We have successfully booked a flight via T'way!

tway air itinerary
This is a sample from the real ticket we have used for our flight going to Seoul

If you were not able to print a copy of your Flight itinerary the first time, don't fret! You can still view it when you log in.

On the right side of the page, click  '마이페이지' which means My Page.

From there, you can see the flight(s) you have booked. You can also cancel your reservation via this page.

tway air flight

I will be doing a review of my flights via JejuAir and T'way Air on my next posts :) Happy flying!

Day 1: Gangwon-do
Chuncheon and Nami Island

Day 2: Gangwon-do
Mt.Seorak (Seoraksan)

Day 3: Gyeonggi-do
Yongin and Food Tour

Day 4: Gyeonggi-do
Suwon: Hwaseong Fortress, Korean Folk Village

Day 5: Gyeonggi-do

Day 6: Gyeongju
Food Tour

Day 7: Gyeongju
Seokguram Grotto

Bulguksa Temple

Cheomseongdae and Anapji Pond

Day 8: Busan
Railway Train in Korea

Day 9: Busan
Igidae Coast

Busan Fireworks Festival

Day 10: Busan
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Flying with Jeju Air

Day 11: Jeju (E)
Food Tour- Altang

Dragon Rock

Jusangjeolli Cliff

Teddy Bear Museum

The Seaes Resort

Day 12: Jeju (W)
Sunrise Peak


Trick Art

Folk Village

Sangamburi Crater, Mt.Halla

Manjanggul Cave, Maze Park


Day 13: Seoul
Flying with T'way Airlines

Couchsurfing in Korea

Day 14: Seoul
Palaces and Bukchon Village

Day 15&16: Seoul
Myeongdong and Ewha University

N Seoul Tower

Booking Flights
via T'way Airlines

Travel Report for South Korea
16 days travel itinerary and tips


  1. Hi there ^^ thanks for your guide, it really helped me out! I've been trying to book flights from other airlines like Asiana and Jeju Air's websites, but they all refuse the international credit card :(

    I have a tiny question though, if it's okay! (I'm a slightly paranoid traveler :"() how do they charge the credit card without asking for the CVC from the back of the card? Does it take a long time? I reserved through someone else's credit card, as I don't have one, will that be a problem when I check in? ...oops, that's three small questions, I apologize...

    Thanks in advance :-)

    1. Hi Tifa, glad I was able to guide you! For Jeju Air, you may try booking via their call center - I have a review of our flight with Jeju Air and booking via the call center which was a pretty quick process and they'd be able to help you out for international credit cards.

      Actually, I thought it was weird that they don't require the CVC too. I guess this works for all Korean airlines, as we have booked with AirBusan and they don't need the CVC as well.

      If I remember correctly, the CC we used was charged a day after we have booked the flight. As per the check in, this is not a problem at all. Additionally, they did not look for the CC that we used for booking :) Just bring your flight print out and your passport of course then your good to go. Hope this helps! :)

    2. Thank you so much for your answer! They charged the CC earlier today, so I'm relieved now because I was worried there would be problems considering it's an international CC.

      Sorry for bombarding you with questions, it's my first time traveling alone so I'm quite nervous and am obviously acting out OCD tendencies to make sure of every little detail :( Ah, my flight is at 7am, how long before it do you suggest I arrive if I have luggage to be checked in? And thank you so much again! You're easing the worries of an anxious traveler :-)

    3. That's great to hear! :) I think T-way is very tourist-friendly except for the fact that the whole site is in Korean only :(

      Don't worry, I'm a bit OC myself too, and better be sure than risk everything ;) Will you be taking your a flight via Incheon Airport? Our check-in time was in the morning and it was CHAOS everywhere! we almost missed our flight due to the number of passengers who were also in the queue!!! It was in Jeju Airport though, not sure if it's same in Gimpo Airport. I think to be safe be there 1 hour or 1.5 hour earlier. Praying you have a safe flight to Jeju. Enjoy your trip! :D

  2. Hi Mariane, can i check if the promotion rates require a code or it is only available when its nearing to my departure dates? I am planning to travel to South Korea on October but i do not see any promotional rates listed :/.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Alyssa, Just like in this picture, it appears on the left side with a red font. There's no promo code or anything.

      If you don't see any promo rates, it's either that they don't have any promotions yet for that date, OR, it's already sold out. But since it's May and your checking for October, my best guess are they haven't put up any promo rates yet. Check back around August-September. :)

  3. hello Marianne,

    would you know if I can edit my name in the reservation I made. so upset that I made an error with 1 of the letters in my name

    1. Hi, I tried to edit on my previous booking but there is no option to edit the name (or maybe because the booking was already past date?) You can do so my logging in and checking the reservations you made (check the last two screenshots of this post). If this fails, try their call center, there might be someone who speaks English.

  4. Hello, thank you so much for this post I was able to reserve a flight but.... now I have another question.... where I can print in Korea, do you know by chance?


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