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Some Korean Street Food around Jukjeon Cafe Street at Yongin, Gyeonggi-do - Day 3 in South Korea

It was a rainy day when we moved to Yongin from Chuncheon. We woke up late so our host took us to Jamshil station in Seoul. And yes, it was raining hard with me and my friend carrying our bags, and oh, I forgot, it was our first time to use the subway in Korea. I can't imagine how pathetic we looked especially when we knew that there were no escalators on that station.

We met with our new host at Jukjeon Station which is in Bundang or the Yellow line of the Metro. It is also near Dankook University where some Korean celebrities studied before. We arrived quite early however it was raining really hard and we were planning to either go to Suwon Hwaseong or Everland for this day. However, I don't think we would have enjoyed it as it would have been very wet and we will be doing lots of walking if ever. So me and my friend decided to wait for the rain to stop and just roam around Jukjeon so we can still say that this day did not go to waste.

It was around 3PM when the weather looked okay. It was still raining a bit, but we needed to do something so we went window shopping around E-mart and Shinsegae which was beside Jukjeon station, Exit 1.

Shinsegae is known to be the oldest department store in Korea and houses some expensive Korean and international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Prada, and the like. As expected, I was not able to buy anything as everything was just way too expensive for my wallet. :(

The Shinsegae in Jukjeon

We then headed to Jukjeon Cafe Street as it was quite near from Shinsegae and E-Mart. To go there, just go to E-Mart's third floor where you will be able to see a branch of Outback Steakhouse. Take the exit from there. You would be able to see a bridge that will lead you straight to series of restaurants and cafes. Our landmark was the coffee shop Homestead Coffee as per VisitKorea's images.

The place is very cute, the design of the shops are quite artistic and would make you want to go inside, however the prices of the coffee would range around 3,000-6,000 won a cup. But of course, being the "frugal" person that I am, I had to check on the prices first before we go in. Eventually, we settled in with a coffee shop called 'Stamp Tree.'

Jukjeon Cafe Street
We went it looked cozy inside
Jukjeon Cafe Street korea

Jukjeon Cafe Street

Jukjeon Cafe Street drink
I got a kiwi drink - not much of a coffee drinker
Jukjeon Cafe Street coffee

After our drink, we roamed around the place. Not sure if it was cold because I was wearing tights or maybe because it rained hard earlier that day. After some minutes, I saw a small place that sells Korean street food and lots of people were going in and out of the place so I thought, why not. Of course, we had to sample the "must try" street food of South Korea!

korean street food

I ordered Kimbap, Tteokbokki and Sundae. I should have ordered more food but these three were the most popular and lots of Korean people ordered the same thing so I settled with these.

korean street food kimbap
Kimbap (김밥) is made from steamed white rice with other ingredients, this one was made with mango, pickle, carrots and ham, there are different variants depending on where you buy. I was told this was derived from the maki of Japan. This food has helped me survived in Korea, I bought lots of Kimbap during our trip to Seoraksan ;)

korean street food Tteokbokki
We also got Tteokbokki (떡볶이) which I have seen eaten by Korean actors and actresses. This is made using Tteok (rice cake), some vegetables, meat, and topped with gingko nuts. It can be quite spicy, so heads up for those who have very sensitive tongues.

korean street food sundae

Lastly, we got Sundae 순대). Guys, this is not an ice cream sundae - and also not pronounced the same way - i think calling it "blood sausage" would do justice to how it tastes like. It is made by boiling animal intestines that are also stuffed with noodles or animal blood. You can also add some salt to add more taste. I have also heard there are different dishes made with the sundae but (un)fortunately never got to try one. It reminds me of the Filipino dish Dinuguan, which I never really liked, so yeah you should know how my review on this one. I was able to eat ten-twelve slices but I never got to finish the whole plate.

Overall, it was a pretty cool experience. The place where we ate had refillable danmuji and water which was nice. Not sure if you can get the same perks if you eat on the street stands. We got home quite early, hoping that the weather would be nice the next day.

korean street food blog
happy tummy nevertheless!

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  1. I love Jukjeon Cafe Street! Spent an afternoon then last November, it was still autumn so the weather was perfect for just lounging around the cafes and walking around to take pictures.

    You stayed for 16 days in Korea, that must've been awesome! Wish I could do the same in the future too. :)

    Daene | filipinainflipflops.com

    1. Autumn in Korea was super nice, good thing our trip was just in time for the autumn foliage, glad you enjoyed Jukjeon Cafe Street same as I did! :)

      Sure, all you need are VLs! haha. 16 days was not enough though, might go back again next year.

  2. Im not sure if I will ever see Korea, but I am curious what it looks like so nakikibasa na lang ako. Well done stories :D

    1. Thanks Katherine! If money is the problem, kaya naman dun for a budget traveler :) Hope you can visit Korea din lalo na during spring/autumn!


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