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K-Drama Fever at The Seaes Resort, Jeju - Day 11 in South Korea

The previous trip to the Teddy Bear Museum is the first part of our “Korean Drama Fever” series in Jungmun, Jeju. I did not really mean to put on a K-Drama themed itinerary, as you may have noticed since Day 1, we have not planned for a visit to any shooting locations. We just knew on the spot that the same tourist sites that we’ve been to were settings to some of famous Korean shows: Nami Island (Winter Sonata), Suwon Hwaseong and Korean Folk Village (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dae Jang Geum, etc) and Igidae Park (Haeundae Lovers) to name a few. Jeju is no exception. There have been numerous of soap operas and variety shows that were shot here as well. My friend requested that we drop by at The Seaes Hotel & Resort which was a 5-minute away by taxi from Jeju’s Teddy Bear Museum.

The Seaes Hotel & Resort ((씨에스 호텔& 리조트) is one of Jeju’s luxury hotels accommodations located at the Jungmun District that offers 26 private villas wherein you can choose if you’d like a Korean or western style room. The resort is widely known as filming locations for TV shows such as ‘Princess Hours’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Jungmun Complex can be reached by taking the Airport Limousine Bus 600. The cheapest room, Deluxe, is priced at 260,000 won, Garden Suite for 500,000 won and Godang, the Korean Traditional room style is for 1,000,000 won.

Seaes Resort

Of course, how we wished we stayed here for our Jeju trip, but maybe when pigs fly. As it was dark already and we had to catch the 7 PM bus to the city and 8 PM bus to our host’s house (The last bus trip to Woljeongni is quite early, I wouldn’t want to take a taxi as it might cost us around 50,000 won!), thus we were not able to explore the resort to its fullest. Even though it was pretty obvious that we were not quests of the resort, the receptionist and hotel staff were still helpful on directing us to the famous locations of some dramas that have filmed here.

brochures of the resort and the lobby
 Korean drama fans would be thrilled to spend an entire day at this hotel/resort. We were able to see pictures from ‘Secret Garden’, ‘We Got Married (JongBo couple)’, ‘Happy Together’, ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’, and ‘Princess Hours’. That sure was a lot! Followers of these shows would surely enjoy taking pictures of the exact locations where some of the important scenes were shot.

secret garden jeju
Secret Garden
Seaes Resort secret garden

We Got Married and Happy Together
Boys Over Flowers
Princess Snow
I Love You, Goodbye
Princess Hours

I wasn’t really familiar with this resort until I saw pictures from the ‘Secret Garden’ cast, now I know I had to see that famous kissing bench!

secret garden scene

I was told that some people stay at this hotel just because they saw it on TV or they knew their favorite Korean artists have stayed here. I can’t say much about Seaes, but the landscape of the place sure looks awesome. The restaurants were not crowded yet when we arrived, maybe because it was very windy that night.

One could spend two or three full days just at the Jungmun complex, but the vital things you must have are money and time, which unfortunately we did not both have the luxury to afford at that moment. But we surely enjoyed the first day of exploring Jeju! I couldn’t wait to see what’s in store for us to discover at the Seogwipo region.

Bus 600 route

P.S. Credits to Joyce for letting me borrow her pictures for this post, as mine were a bit blurred.

I am not a fan of Korean dramas myself but I thought it was cool seeing these references from the shows, especially the famous ones. lol. What did you think of The Seaes Hotel & Resort and which drama shooting location would you like to visit?

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