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Thrift Finds in Manila - Winter Wonderland (Part 4)

It's been a while since I have posted another set of  thrift finds around Manila, or for an easier way of putting it, looking for nice ukay-ukay bargains! I admit that I try to go to my favorite "UK UK" stores at least every two months. I am not ashamed to tell that I bag lots of designer clothing and other accessories by haggling at these stores. It's especially fun when you think your buying them for 1/4 or sometimes even 5% of the original price!

The feature for this post is military winter wonderland. I am a sucker for clothes that I can only wear during cold season, which happens for only one or two months in the Philippines. My closet is full of apparel made out of thick material like jackets, blazers, and knitted sweaters. I am just in love with this kind of fashion!

This Divided by H&M jacket was featured in my third feature of my ukay-ukay hauls and was also worn on our Day 12 in Jeju.

thrift blogger
The Divided by H&M worn in South Korea
One of the ukay-ukays in Manila that I frequent to is called Raberly and has many outlets already in the city. My favorite branch is in Quezon City because it's the closest to where I live. Me and my friend would go here on a weekend or a holiday where they'd discount the items for only 50 pesos or sometimes even as low was 20 bucks!

Last month, they had this sale but I wasn't looking for anything in particular though. What I love about this thrift store is that they don't segregate the branded clothing and sell them for a higher price. While my friend was busy looking for her summer outfits, I headed to the jackets section for no particular reason and saw these lovely jewels.

winter jacket
First off, this gray parka with fur details in the hoodie

fur jacket
The fur hoodie looks obviously fake, but I didn't mind. The zipper here can can also detach the hoodie from the parka

The sides of the parka can also be adjusted to the fit of your liking

quilted jacket

Inspirations on how to wear:
Looks great with liquid leggings, credits from Google Images

Gray military parka:

I couldn't take my eyes off this parka. I love it to bits! I tried it on and was perfect for my size! I especially love the hoodie with fur details and is also detachable too. The material inside is the same from bubble jackets so it can keep you warm during windy autumn nights and even the cold winter mornings. This jacket is not branded though and the zipper was already flawed so maybe I would have to repair this, but otherwise it's perfect! Because off the defect, I got it 50% off its discounted price - 100 Php!

military jacket
This green jacket has over sized sleeves but can be folded as a workaround if you don't want the baggy look

This can also be adjusted to achieve the curvy look below

Yup, Levi's

Levi's jacket

There's also a hidden hoodie in here

The hoodie unravels itself

Inspirations on how to wear:

perfect with a dress! credits from buyosphere.com

didn't know green looks great with red too! credits from buyosphere.com

always perfect with simple denim credits from buyosphere.com
Military green jacket:

This jacket is not really for cold weathers, it's a bit thin so it's more suitable to be worn during autumn or spring (but would be perfect during the fall of course with it's military green color). I think it could be pulled off worn as a topper/jacket. Nonetheless, I love it as I think it is versatile and can be worn even here in Manila. I love the style and the color so I got it. It's also a big plus that it's from Levi. Haggled this one for 180 pesos.

military jacket
the thrifted camouflage jacket

military jacket thrift

the sleeves can be folded as well for a more casual vibe

the space for a name patch, need to remove this soon
I also wore this during our Panagbenga trip to Baguio which I have also blogged about here :)

click here for more pictures
Inspirations on how to wear:

celebrities rocking the camo look

Rihanna sports the same look as well
credits from Topshop

credits from Zara
Camouflage jacket:

This one I am pretty sure is a legit military jacket because of the patches (which I had to remove). And I have loved camouflage designs way before (had some camo stuff ever since I was high school), so I knew I just had to get this one! I think it's just a plus that this design is a trend right now but I didn't really care for that anyway. I am not pretty sure if civilians can wear authentic military clothing though, but I'd like to think this just an inspired design. :)

military boots
The studded combat military boots

thrifted boots

So edgy!

Inspirations on how to wear:

Celebrities wearing combat military boots

Combat military studded boots:

These combat military studded boots are really cool. I like the circle stud design (and if you know me too well already, I LOVE studs and spikes). I feel it was destined for me to buy because it fits me flawlessly. The shape of the boots are also a bit similar to what the guys in the military wear so it's perfect for this theme. I got it in a heartbeat for the price of 200 pesos.

For less than 800 pesos, I was able to buy all these! Perfect for those who are in a budget and still want to be in style. If you're looking for cheap winter clothing in Manila, I highly recommend going to these thrift stores first before heading out to the mall, you'll be surprised on how much you can save!

My trip to Korea was already over when I got these and how I wished I had already seen these apparel before I went there, but hey, I had booked a trip for autumn anyway so these will not go to waste.

What did you think of my thrift finds for this season? Wumi-winter lang ang peg! ;)

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  1. Nice finds! I'm currently on the lookout for cheap winter apparel for my trip to south korea next month. Where exactly can I find Raberly? :)


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