Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buffet 101: International Cuisine (Review)

My whole family loves to eat. (Who doesn't anyway?!) We always find time to bond together by discovering new restaurants that will fulfill our cravings and satisfy our taste buds. For my parents' 23rd wedding anniversary, I decided to give them (including my younger sister too) a special treat and took them to Buffet 101 for a very sumptuous and special lunch.

Buffet 101 is conveniently located at San Miguel by the bay, just at the back of SMX Convention Center and is also beside MOA's ferris wheel. Vikings, a similar buffet-style restaurant, is also located at the same strip.

buffet 101

I was able to do a reservation before we arrive so we were promptly directed to our table as soon as my personal details were verified. I was very very hungry that time and there was jut too many people so I was not really able to do detailed pictures of the food, but anyway just browse away and let the pictures do the talking. ;)

sushi buffet
Different types of sushi available
Some dimsum as well (sorry for the weird/blurred pic)
Pizzas even! These were okay.
I forgot to get the name of this dish but it was my sister's favorite that day
I was lucky to get two tempuras in my plate! I think this is the best seller from the set

The plate for this dish was always missing, because it was very much in demand! It was pretty good too.

Cold meats
Carving section. Kuya was staring oddly at me so I did not take more pictures
Clam chowder

Seafood casserole, my mom's pick for the day (did not really try this though)

Mini burgers and fries - all time children favorites :)

You can have these cooked and requested the way you like it.  Just remember your table number.
 MY FAVORITE SECTION OF ALL (Oh yes, all caps!) The dessert section :) :) :)

Hot waffles comin' your way!
Yummy crepes! Love these! I opted to have them with ice cream hihi :P
Busy busy busy! People were all over these fatty treats! lol
buffet 101 moa

Cakes that I think they got from Red Ribbon? no confirmation on this though
Fresh fruits

Fruit juices
Fruit shakes!!! I totally recommend their pineapple shake. It tasted so good I had ten (or more) visits to this counter! I really appreciated this section
And lastly, FROZEN YOGURT! Yup, had tons of these as well. I loved how you could taste the combination of sweet and sour in this. I guess it's almost comparable to that of Red Mango or White Hat.

I was pretty satisfied with the food selection. All my buffet favorites were present (desserts, meats, sashimi, tempura, and fruit shake for me) and as per the taste, they were good and very appetizing.

buffet 101 manila
Buffet 101 rates
Buffet 101's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Accessibility/Location: 5 - You'll never get lost finding Buffet 101 as it's location is superb! You can even do shopping at the nearby Mall of Asia afterwards to burn off those calories from eating.

Ambiance/Staff: 5 - The look and feel of the place was relaxed but still had this glamoruous edge because of the detailed interior, grand lighting with the enormous chandeliers, and the presentation of the food. The staff were courteous and gave me a 5% discount on my total bill for a reason that up to know I could not comprehend (maybe because I paid in cash?)

Food: 4.5 - The food selection was a feast to both my eyes and tummy! I had favorites among them but overall, the variety of cuisine offers something for everyone of different tastes.

Price: 5 - For the price and the selection available, it was "sulit". Bang for the buck, yes!

mall of asia

The experience at Buffet 101 has been gastronomically epic! I was really full to the brim to the point that I felt like my whole body (not just my stomach) would explode. I totally had fun here and so did my whole family. I would certainly come back again. Best to reserve your spot first to assure that you'll have a table. I would love to try their branch at Robinson's Magnolia if given the time (and money) LOL.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine 
San Miguel by the bay, SM Mall of Asia
Tel Nos: 556-2888, 556-3888
Operation Hours: 11:00am-2:30pm,5:30pm-10:00pm
Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/buffet101


  1. wee, ttry ko to sa bday ko. hihi

    1. pwede! nakapag vikings ka na diba, almost comparable mas konti lang ng konti selections

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