Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thrift Finds in Manila - Vintage Bags (Part 5)

Ukay-ukays in Manila has certainly become a bit pricier as compared before. Some stores have put up really over-the-top prices for branded items especially with the famous designers. It's a sweet treat to find some thrift shops in the city that still sells these awesome finds for less than the price you're expecting to get them for. Sharing some of my old bag finds that I bought last year. Similarly, for those who have been looking for awesome classy bag finds, do head on to Zalora's website. They got some eye-catching clutches that I certainly want for myself! ;)

Bag #1:
thrift bags
Small brown vintage purse/bag

I got this small bag/purse that can only fit a small foldable wallet and my cellphone, but it looks so cute and vintage-ish so I couldn't resist it's price tag of 100 pesos. I did not really check for the brand but it sure looks durable.

vintage bags

Bag #2:

vintage satchel
brown vintage messenger bag

This large messenger bag is very handy when I'd like to bring lots of documents that are confidential (it comes up with a small lock). It looks quite versatile too as it looks nice when used by either women or men.

vintage bags

I am not just familiar with the brand of the bag, I tried to look for it but to no avail. Let me know in case you happen to be aware which brand this is. I got the bag for 300 pesos which was quite pricey but given it's size and condition, it was a must-buy for me.

Bag #3:

bags italian
green shoulder bag from Saint Jack

This bag that I only got for a hundred bucks is from Saint Jack. The simplicity of the design is just eye-catching. I've had friends (and even strangers I meet on the train) ask me where I got this. Mum's the word. :P

thrift blogger

I am not just sure though how this retails since it's already vintage and they might not be producing this design anymore, but knowing the brand, I think this used to sell for more than 10,000 pesos but I got this for only 100 pesos.

Bag #4:

ralph lauren thrift
blue and green plaid Ralph Lauren satchel

This Ralph Lauren has been quite a famous item in the thrift shops, I've seen one thrift store sell this for 2,000 pesos! However, I only got this for 100 pesos. The hardware and leather feel of the bag is very hard and you can feel to the touch that it's really authentic.

thrift branded

Bag #5:

branded bags
black Longchamp shoulder bag
This is probably my favorite piece from the rest of the bags that I got from ukay ukays so far. Not just because it's from Longchamp and the fact that I only got this for 50 pesos (yes, you read it right), I use it every so often because it fits all my daily essentials and perfect when I go for the vintage chic look. I received lots of compliments when I use this bag too and even received an offer from someone who was willing to buy it for 1,500 pesos.

bags blogger

I have a weird fascination with clutches/purses right now so that will be my next hunt for next time ;) Watch out for more in my future posts!

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I am selling some of my preloved stuff/pasalubong items from relatives that we never got to use, and frankly just some of my thrift buys. Head over to my OLX page to find out more. Money that I will earn from this will go directly to my mutual fund that I will use for my travel after 3-5 years :)

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  1. Beautiful vintage bags collection, I like the first one so much, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, where do you go for bags shopping? I love the bags so much!

    1. hey Tina! thanks for dropping by! all of these (including the bags i shared on other "Thrift finds" series) except the Longchamp bag, I bought around Cubao area. super dami vintage bags minsan nahirapan ako bumili madaming magaganda e!

    2. whats the exact name of the store you usually go?

  3. Hi gurl!
    I have just stumbled upon your ukay blogs and I must say... I am awed just by reading everything :D
    I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge thrift shop fangirl myself and even if my mum always tells me to hush about this hobby of mine, I find no reason to hide it from the world. I have designer friends who love ukay-ing *haha* as well and just like them (I believe), it's not just the fact that you save a lot when you frequent these stores to shop... it's the thrill of finding that unique piece that just screams 'ME!!!!!' and makes you a cut above the rest :)
    I personally looooooooove browsing through Japanese / Korean brands rather than typical Western brands (which tend to be too plain for me) but once in a while, I do find pieces which matches my weird personality as well..
    Anyway, I've said too much :P I just wanted to ask for a tip as to where you think I could grab a few fab winter clothes as I am heading back to Manila in a week's time and I am soooooooooooooooo looking forward to ukay once again!
    Thanks very much~
    PS. Oooooooooooooooh Koreaaaaaaaaaaa <3 ...we should sooooooo be friends! :)))))))) Add me on FB? :D


    1. Ditto to your sentiments! I've also read somewhere that even famous designers such as Rajo Laurel have their own favorite ukay ukay shops. Agree, for me, Western designs are simple yet elegant however with the items from HK/China, Japan and Korea, it's usually loud yet very unique and fun.
      I have mentioned Raberly before that has several branches in Manila and you can also go to Cubao that has tons of thrift stores.
      You may see samples winter clothing haul from this post :)
      And of course, feel free to add me on FB

  4. I would want to go with you on your next ukay trip. (:

    1. game! send me a msg via the "Contact Me" form for details :)

  5. I really like those bags you got. And really cheap too. I can't find cheap bags at our local ukay, they sell it so expensive that it is comparable to mall prices for brand new bags. :(


  6. That Saint Jack and Longchamp is cute!

  7. Like the longchamp sling. Inggit ako hehe. :) hope to find a similar bag too :)


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