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Going Japanesy at Ramen Cool and Soho Asian Street Cafe - Kapitolyo Foodtrip Chapter 1

I don't live in the Ortigas area and anywhere nearby it, but I am fond of going to Kapitolyo. Why do you ask? It's because it boasts of different restaurants of various cuisines, it's a must-visit for those who are looking for awesome food adventures.

Kapitolyo is located at Pasig City and one boring Saturday, I was able to tag a friend along and good thing my camera was with me. This called for a decent FOOD TRIP documentation!
Ramen Cool

Our first stop was at a Japanese joint called Ramen Cool. I have seen this establishment a couple of times on previous visits but never really got the chance to try.

The place looked cozy because of the lighting of the place and the set-up was modern Japanese. There was a Japanese concert playing on the TV screen of an artist I did not recognize, but the music did a good job of adding more effect to the relaxed ambiance of the place. The place was almost full during dinner time but we managed to have one table free.

 ramen cool kapitolyo

ramen cool

my friend too excited to order

Me and my friend only ordered two dishes as we were on a limited budget and we still two more restaurants to go. We got Katsu Curry Rice and a Ramen. and The staff of the place were very polite and our order took only 10 minutes to serve even though they were jam packed that time.

The Katsu Curry Rice was okay. You could tell them how you'd like the sauce to be, either spicy or mild. I got mine spicy but I think it only tasted mild for me. The ingredients in the sauce like carrots, potatoes and the likes were good enough for two. Though the katsu itself was overcooked.

ramen cool katsu curry rice
Katsu Curry Rice

The Tempura Ramen was ok (not really sure if this is the correct name as I forgot, correct me if I'm wrong please). The soup was really nice, we finished the entire bowl of it and we didn't get tired of the taste. I though the ramen noodles could be improved though, I felt like I was just eating instant noodles as the texture and taste were comparable. I just think that your 235 pesos could do better at a different restaurant though. Maybe my expectations were set high on the ramen as the restaurant's name is "Ramen Cool".

ramen cool noodles
the ramen and yes, I already forgot what it's called
ramen cool food
Ramen Cool's ramen!

ramen cool

For a sidetrip, we went to Soho Asian Street Cafe as I heard the interiors there were nice. True enough, if you are a crazy Japanophile, you will love the interiors of the place!

cool masks!

sakura blossoms, a cool lamp, and a doll (and the aircon :P )
Soho Asian Street Cafe

We really enjoyed looking at the displays, the owner of this joint must have been a Japanese expat to have owned these really authentic items. As for the food though, we got an okonomiyaki which took about 20 minutes to be served. Not sure why it took that long as we were the only customers that time, but good thing they had interesting displays that was interesting to see and talk about while waiting for the food.

yes, a bike!!!


okonomiyaki manila

Ramen Cool's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Accessibility/Location: 4 - Giving it a 4 because Kapitolyo is a bit far and tricky to find especially for first timers. Thank God for jeeps and tricycles!

Ambiance/Staff: 5 - Good place to chill and talk. The place was very quiet so I think it's a nice place to bring a date or a friend you haven't really talked to in a while. Nice staff and very polite. The ambiance of the place was modern Japanese which suited my taste.

Food: 3 - It felt like I was eating at Tokyo Tokyo in a more sosyal way maybe because of the interiors of the place. Nice food selection because they have the basics a Japanese foodie would love but as for the taste, I must say there's still lots of room to be improved.

Price: 3 - For the taste, I thought it was expensive. Probably needs to be 60-30 pesos cheaper than stated (ako na ang price critic! haha)

Overall, the food was okay for both restaurants. Nothing spectacular but not bad either. Just your standard Japanese comfort food good for those chill Saturday nights. :)

Ramen Cool
25 East Kapitolyo Drive corner West Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Phone Number
(+632) 636-0972

Kapitolyo Foodtrip (Map and Directions):
To go here by commute: Take the MRT and alight at Boni Station.

From there ride a jeep going to (Pasig) Palengke, tell the driver to drop you off at Petron/Mercury Drug.
You may opt to walk going inside the village since the restaurants are close to each other, or take a tricycle if you're feeling lazy to walk around.

Kapitolyo Foodtrip (using the map):
Point B: Ramen Cool and Soho Asian Street Cafe (Landmark is Cafe Juanita)
From Ramen Cool, go straight by the East Capitol Drive and you will see...
Point A: Lia's Cakes in Season and Poco Deli

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  1. I've only been to Kaptiolyo thrice, but I'd love to go back again and again to try more restos! :) I haven't been to Ramen Cool yet, but I might give it a try, although what you said about their ramen noodles threw me off. I'm very particular pa naman with noodles.

    But I think I'll definitely check out Soho Asian Street Cafe. Love their trinkets and the okonomiyaki looks good! Is it good nga ba? :)

    1. Hi Sumi! Thanks for visiting, super dami ngang ok na restos sa Kapitolyo kaya masaya mag foodtrip! Yup you can't really expect much on the ramen but as per other dishes they have I guess it's passable naman.

      Yup, the okonomiyaki at Soho Asian Street Cafe was good though took a long time to prepare and medyo bitin for two.


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