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Poco Deli, Happy Food equals Happy Life! - Kapitolyo Foodtrip Chapter 2

Next off for our Kapitolyo Foodtrip series is Poco Deli. I have been to the place a couple of times already and it always is a big hit to us. Poco Deli is famous for its sausages, cakes and wines and because of that, is always jam-packed especially during nighttime. My latest dining experience was no exception. We had no option but to be seated outside the resto, good thing after a couple of minutes, a table for two opened up inside. It would have been a good idea to make a reservation first before going here.

Poco Deli kapitolyo
Nice slogan at Poco Deli

The restaurant is a bit small for the number of patrons it caters. The set-up is very basic and the limited space was maximized to make way for the dining area and a deli display of its sausages and wines that you can also buy to take home afterwards.

Poco Deli always seemed kind of homey in a way. It felt to me like it's the perfect place to bring a relative that just came from abroad and swap stories over a bottle of wine or a group date with fun friends who are still sober and ready to get some fine meal on their stomachs and always excited for a couple of laughs. Somehow, I felt like I was eating at a restaurant in Europe!

From where we were seated, must try, Wagyu steak and Lamb Sausage that I promise to eat next time

Draft beers

Poco Deli
wines that you may also consume inside the resto

they also sell sausages and cheeses

We also had a very minimal budget that night given that we still had one more restaurant to visit, so we ordered some of the dishes that we were craving for, yet still fits the bill. The place is always busy but you can always find a staff available to take your order. We didn't have to wait too long for our food as it was served promptly at our tables.

cakes, cheeses, sausages
crammed but fun!

We got a German Sausage and Cheese Sampler in which you would be asked to choose three different sausages to your liking. I forgot what we ordered specifically. It is also accompanied by bagel chips and greens. The sausages were so meaty and flavorful and has this right "kick" into it because of the spices. Having cheese with them was nice too as it could really make your meal into a more "creamier" dining experience, though if I were to choose again, I would have just chosen the German Sausage platter as it had more meats on it.

Poco Deli sausage
German Sausage and Cheese Sampler (Php 340)

I always order their Pomodoro Pasta because I love it to bits! It was just a straightforward pasta dish with tomato sauce but it really made an impact on me. I am a sucker for tomato-based dishes and maybe that's why I adore this dish (biased, hehe). The pasta was cooked just right and the sauce was perfect! I liked how there's that distinct sourness taste from the tomato but not too strong to put someone off. You know that feeling that you can still remember how it tastes like even if you haven't eaten it for a while. It's like that with this pasta for me.

Poco Deli pasta
Pomodoro Pasta (Php 200)

Pomodoro Pasta (Php 200)

One of the things I am always excited about going to Poco Deli is the Blackout Chocolate Cake (P140). It is probably the best chocolate cake I have ever had! The ganache topped with generous amount of chocolate chips was fun to eat. It's a must for all chocolate lovers out there to try it! The cake was very rich and moist and the caramel filling was not too overpowering, the chocolate bits on top was also a nice addition to make this cake perfect. Overall, a very wonderful dessert. I would love to have this cake every year on my birthday!

Poco Deli cake
Blackout Chocolate Cake (Php 140)

Poco Deli chocolate

Poco Deli's Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Accessibility/Location: 4 - Giving it a 4 because Kapitolyo is a bit far and tricky to find especially for first timers. Thank God for jeeps and tricycles!

Ambiance/Staff: 4 - I liked the European feel of this resto though I felt like I was being crammed in a pack of sardines, maybe because we haven't really got the best seates here yet. Homey and friendly ambiance though it could be a problem to go if you're a big group.

Food: 5 - The food was awesome! I couldn't really say more. Though I really have to try more dishes next time.

Price: 3.5 - Felt like I was also eating at Europe too with our bill. I think their desserts were evenly priced though.

Poco Deli is indeed one of the great institutions in Kapitolyo. Rest assured, you'll just not be leaving with your tummies full, but with tables with your plates empty as well. I can't wait to try out their branch in Makati and have actually noted the dishes that I would try next (wait for me bacon slabs, irish beef stew and truffle oil pasta!) Hope they can also open a branch around Quezon City and I promise I will be one of the regular customers there. :)

Poco Deli Kapitolyo Branch
21 East Kapitolyo Drive corner West
Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo
Phone Number
(+632) 477-4332

kapitolyo pasig

Kapitolyo Foodtrip (Map and Directions):
To go here by commute: Take the MRT and alight at Boni Station.

From there ride a jeep going to (Pasig) Palengke, tell the driver to drop you off at Petron/Mercury Drug.
You may opt to walk going inside the village since the restaurants are close to each other, or take a tricycle if you're feeling lazy to walk around.

Kapitolyo Foodtrip (using the map):
Point B: Ramen Cool and Soho Asian Street Cafe (Landmark is Cafe Juanita)
From Ramen Cool, go straight by the East Capitol Drive and you will see...
Point A: Lia's Cakes in Season and Poco Deli

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