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Taco Bell Philippines - Live Mas!

Mexican cuisine is one of my favorites (aside from Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, and Indian LOL). There are only a couple of Mexican restaurants nearby the city that I live that’s why it has been difficult to satisfy my cravings for burritos and tacos.

taco bell

Recently, I have just found out Taco Bell’s branch in Gateway Mall, Quezon City which is very accessible given that it’s just within walking distance from the MRT and LRT2 Cubao stations. This branch has been revamped and re-opened a couple of weeks ago with a theme “Live Mas”, or to live more. I believe their branch in Trinoma Mall will also be redesigned to provide better dining ambiance to its patrons and new customers.

taco bell ph

gateway mall

I was fortunate to be invited to dine at Taco Bell Gateway and try some dishes. The overall look of the place has really improved, accented by the violet color and a laidback theme, it looked like the perfect place to hang out with friends. What I especially liked was the open kitchen, you get assured because you can see how your food is prepared, and you have something to do while waiting for your order. Some of the tables also have power outlets, how convenient!

taco bell gateway

taco bell cubao

taco bell quezon city

For starters, the Nachos Supreme is definitely the best choice. Good for sharing with the barkada, and you can’t really go wrong with the crispy nachos topped with cheese and beef. Our group ordered Meal #6 (beef burrito and crunchy taco) and Meal #5 (XL cheese and beef quesadilla), we also got desserts on the side.

taco bell nachos

The taco was a nice combination of vegetables, ground meat and cheese, it was not messy to eat which was a surprise. The burrito was also pretty good and it was really filling. The cheesy potatoes combined with the cheese and beef quesadilla would be a big winner for cheese lovers. I would probably order this again if I eat at Taco Bell. Set meals have drink and sides included already.

taco bell burrito taco

For people like me who have a sweet tooth, you would absolutely love what they offer, churros and chocodilla! Five sticks of churros that really go well with their light chocolate sauce, I liked their churros because it wasn’t showered with sugar like the ones I have tried before. The chocodilla was a first for me and I heard it’s only offered in the Philippines for now. It’s basically like quesadilla packed with melted marshmallows and nutella. Oh yummy!

Accessibility/Location: 4.5 – Located at two famous malls North of Manila, I can say that I have no problems finding a branch. However, my friends who lives around South are asking if they will have another branch around Makati or Pasay.

Ambiance/Staff: 5 - I’ve noticed a great improvement not just with the overall look of the place but with their customer service as well. The open kitchen was definitely a great addition, ordering was also not a hassle. To top it off, the crew was super helpful and friendly!

Food: 4.5 - Not only did they improve the look of the branch at Gateway, but the overall quality of the food too. I am also looking forward to more Mexican dishes on the menu. Give Chimichanga a chance, Taco Bell, please!

Price: 4.5 - Taco Bell is a great choice if you’re craving for Mexican food and budget is a bit tight. They have the ‘Cravers’, dishes priced between 79 to 109 pesos only. Set Meals are around 149 to 189 and even rice meals for 139 bucks.

Putting to heart the Live Mas tagline, Taco Bell Philippines assures to bring out Mas Flavor, Mas Heart and Mas Value by providing a nice twist on traditional Mexican food, creating experiences through their passionate customer service and affordable prices.

Learn more about Taco Bell by following their Facebook page at facebook.com/tacobellPHL

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