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Healthy Eating with Yummy Diet and Goldpress Juicing Co

We live in a fast-paced environment and it's not surprising that most of us are stressed-out with deadlines and pressure from work, traffic and pollution. With this, we compromise our time and effort to make healthy meals for ourselves and our family. Many would resort to fast food, junk food or even not eating at all! Innovations such as healthy food deliveries is a godsend for people who face this struggle, since you can forget the hassle of planning and preparing meals. 5-day diet programs and juicing are gaining popularity nowadays and I was able to try a similar service from Yummy Diet and Goldpress Jucing Co.

The concept of Yummy Diet is pretty simple. You choose your daily calorie intake and even have it customized to either Low Carb or No-Rice. Ordering can be done via phone or online. Same goes with GoldPress, but you choose the juice set instead. As soon as the schedule is confirmed, you just need to wait for it to be delivered straight to your house or office. Some cities in the South are not covered so do check with their staff since there might be an additional 200 pesos fee. You need not to fuss about how many calories you are taking in since Yummy Diet’s team does it for you. They currently offer various programs that can tailor to a range of nutritional needs and budget.

Yummy Diet
1-Week Subscription:
5 Day Low Calorie
    1200 Calories – Php 1,900
    1500 Calories – Php 2,200
    1800 Calories – Php 2,500
5 Day Low Carbohydrate High Protein
    1500 Calories – Php 2,500
    1800 Calories – Php 2,800
5 Day Yummy Diet + Gold Press (Rates start at P700/day or P3500 for 5 days)
    Php 3,500

4-Week Subscription:
5 Day Low Calorie
    1200 Calories – Php 1,800
    1500 Calories – Php 2,100
    1800 Calories – Php 2,400
5 Day Low Carbohydrate High Protein
    1500 Calories – Php 2,400
    1800 Calories – Php 2,700
5 Day Yummy Diet + Gold Press (Rates start at P700/day or P3500 for 5 days)
    Php 3,400

12-Week Subscription:
5 Day Low Calorie
    1200 Calories – Php 1,750
    1500 Calories – Php 2,050
    1800 Calories – Php 2,350
5 Day Low Carbohydrate High Protein
    1500 Calories – Php 2,350
    1800 Calories – Php 2,650
5 Day Yummy Diet + Gold Press (Rates start at P700/day or P3500 for 5 days)
    Php 3,350

6 Months Consumable (Pay for 20 weeks, get 2 weeks free)
12 Months Consumable (Pay for 40 weeks, get 5 weeks free)

Goldpress Juices
Bronze Juice Set:
Green Machine, Green Glean, Real Red, Sweet Amber, Orange Gilt II, Read Ahead, Choco Soy Milk

Silver Juice Set:
Green Machine, Green Glean, Green Light, Orange Gilt, Ruby Red, Sweet Amber, Classic Soy Milk

Gold Juice Set:
Green Machine, Green Glean, Green Light, Green Glow, Read Ahead, Golden Star, Choco Soy Milk

The food needs to be eaten during weekdays and is delivered a day before. In my case, my first delivery arrived on Sunday, 4 in the afternoon. It included the menu list, instructions, utensils, coffee, tea and three meals and two snacks, can be either fruits or other healthy munchies. It is advised to refrigerate the food as soon as you receive it so that the freshness is preserved until the time that you reheat and consume it.

I chose the 1500-calorie Low Carb option because I honestly have no idea how the meals would look like, being that I am a noob with diets and eating healthy meals, I guess this is a nice opportunity to finally try meals that are low in carbohydrates. You know how it is with the local Filipino food! I thought it was a really nice set up that no meal was repeated throughout the week, so I was able to try different types of meat and cooking styles.

Yummy Diet 5-Day Low Carb Program
Day 1
I guess it was a no-brainer that the Low Carb plan does not have rice on its menu. Even brown or red rice.  So for me who’s used to eating rice with every single meal, this was a bit of a struggle. And also, since I am also used to eating until my stomach is full to the brim, I always felt hungry and craving for more every after meals, but that’s just me. I am just really glad that the dishes served for the first day are so tasty, I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch!

*putting smileys on the dishes that I really liked

Breakfast: Egg, Spinach & Chickpeas :)
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Spiced-Rubbed Porkloin and Lemon Calamari Salad :)
Snack: Orange
Dinner: Maple-Glazed Fish Fillet w/Bokchoy

Day 2
There was no menu list included in the package that I received that day so I couldn’t really give a proper name to my dinner, which I am also not a fan of. However, the rest of the meals were delish. It seems I have found a new liking to salads.

Breakfast: Chili Con Carne :)
Snack: Yakult
Lunch: Chicken with Mango Salad :)
Snack: Sweet Corn Pudding
Dinner: Vegetable that I was not able to distinguish

Day 3
I am somehow getting used to the low carb program. I find myself not craving for rice or bread anymore. However as I am a big sucker for sweets, it’s still a bit tough. Good thing Yummy Diet also gives out desserts as snacks, for my third day, this mango cup was certainly a life saver.

Breakfast: Crust less BLT Sandwich  :)
Snack: Orange
Lunch: Asian Beef w/ Snow Peas
Snack: Mango Cup
Dinner: Szechuan Tofu & Green Beans Stir-Fry

Day 4
I loved Day 4!!! I liked the idea of cauliflower rice. Pork Tapa was a great addition and I am just a big lover of chicken and anything with tomato in it, so the Chicken Parmesan Hero was a big win! I think I could eat this everyday and wouldn’t get tired of it.

Breakfast: Pork Tapa & Egg + Mixed Greens w/Apple Cider :)
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Fish w/ Peach & Pepper Salsa and Cauliflower Rice :)
Snack: Marshmallow
Dinner: Chicken Parmesan Hero :)

Day 5
It’s not a surprise that some dishes could either be a hit or miss. As I mentioned, I love chicken but the baked rosemary drumsticks didn’t really appeal to me, I also found out that I didn’t like french beans so I was not able to finish my lunch, I had to give it to my sister instead. The rest of the meals were good though.

Breakfast: Tofu & Mushroom & Pepper Gravy w/ Lettuce Wraps
Snack: Swissmiss
Lunch: Baked Rosemary Drumsticks w/ French Beans
Snack: Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Autumn Pork Stew :)

Goldpress Juicing Co Bronze Set
I was also clueless about the concept of juicing until I was invited to Yummy Diet’s event, so I was a bit excited to finally give it a try. I selected the Bronze Juice Set which is perfect for beginners like me. The only downside is all throughout the day, I was only allowed to take the juices and no food was allowed. This is to maximize the cleansing potential of these drinks. I did not have any problems with not eating any foods for my “detox day” because I really enjoyed all of these juices. I was able to taste the hint of vegetables in the mix but the overall combination was really delicious and filling.

Bronze Set's Juices and Schedule
7AM: Green Machine
9AM: Real Red
12NN: Green Glean & orange Gilt
3PM: Soy Milk Chocolate
6PM: Red Ahead
8PM: Sweet Amber
9AM: Tea

Yummy Diet and Goldpress Juicing Co’s Grade: (5 as highest, 1 as the lowest)

Delivery Service/Customer Service: 4.5 – Very prompt and they never missed a day. In my case most of the deliveries arrived around 2-4PM. Any change in the delivery was also promptly communicated by their staff. Instructions were also included in the food containers so you would be guided whether your meals need to be chilled or heated.

Food: 4.5 – The meals were carefully thought of and planned basing on the option that I chose which was Low Carb. Despite of that, Yummy Diet made sure to keep balance with the use of different sources of protein such as chicken, beef, pork, and egg. Also even though this is a diet delivery service, they didn’t disappoint in terms of food presentation. It was quite tempting not to follow the plan because the meals looked appetizing, I wanted to take a bite as soon as I received the meals. :P

I took the 1500 calorie program and had no problems with the meal portions. I ate each of the meal and snack on a 2-3hour interval.  Sometimes, I also mistake hunger for thirst so I made sure to drink at least 9 glasses of water daily.

And it was indeed a yummy diet. Even though the staff had to carefully consider the use of seasoning and ingredients used, the food didn’t taste bland and in fact they were very tasty! I felt great after each meal thinking that I just had healthy delicious food.

Price: 4 – Since I had the 5 Day Low Carb Plan, it appears that each meal would be priced from around 120-160 pesos (not including the snacks) which is a quite good deal since the delivery is included already in the plan.

If you want to switch to a low-carb plan in a long-term basis and try juicing for detox, my best advice for heavy eaters like me is to slowly reduce consumption of rice, breads and sweets 1-2 weeks before you try Yummy Diet and Goldpress’ service so that your body and stomach can adjust to your new eating plan and you can avoid carb cravings and hunger pangs.

For people who are always on the go and struggling to switch to a healthy eating lifestyle, Yummy Diet could be the answer. With a hassle-free service and satisfying meals, dieting has never been this easy!

You may contact Yummy Diet and GoldPress for orders/any inquiries:
Yummy Diet Facebook
0917-8898660 / 0917-8898601

GoldPress Juicing Co Facebook
0917-8898660 / 0917-8898601

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