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Colorful Taiwan – Taichung’s Rainbow Village

I haven’t met any traveler in Taichung who hasn’t been to the Rainbow Village. It’s just too interesting to skip. I had troubles figuring out how to go to this place at first (given that this city doesn’t have subways) and it’s located outside Central Taichung, but that is also how I eventually discovered the beauty of Google Maps (blessing in disguise, I guess). So, let me do the honor of showing you this imaginative place called the Rainbow Village.

tropical feels~

Taichung's Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is one of the well-known attractions in Taichung that definitely stands out for its one-of-a-kind art display. I am not sure if you can really call this a village, but the area encompasses 3-5 houses painted with the most vibrant colors and eccentric designs. Each drawings were meticulously drawn by Huang Yong Fu, also called as Rainbow Grandpa, who is one of the last residents of this veteran village.

Rainbow Village

taichung Rainbow Village
even the ground is painted!

It was 2008 when Mr. Huang started to paint around his house. I was told that he just picked random subjects like people, animals like dogs, cats, animation characters and even historical figures. He ended up spreading this good vibe to other neighboring houses.

caihongjuan village
lots of interesting characters

This area was originally planned to be demolished, most likely to be turned into a more upscale residential or commercial district. However, locals and tourists who have fallen in love with its charm helped sign petitions to the local government to stop and preserve the village instead.

taiwan blog
it was tough to have a solo pic taken, since it is very crowded with tourists during the weekend

taiwan street art

street art
so fun!

Roaming around Rainbow Village might take you only 15-20 minutes, it is that small. But if you were to take pictures, now that’s a different story. Each house, each wall has different kind of drawings in them. I don’t think Rainbow Grandpa repeats a design. And I love quirky things, so I totally enjoyed looking at every section and taking gazillion pics of it. And mind you, it’s not just the walls that are painted, but even pathways and rocks.

taichung street art

taichung art
even in doors! haha Rainbow Grandpa never skips a space

taiwan art
OMG what happened to Bart?! The stuff toys looks like something Creepypasta would post
taiwan drawing
Some might describe his artworks as childlike and amateurish, but 'unique' seems like the right word for me

taiwan military village
this is too cute!

I was able to see Rainbow Grandpa manning their souvenir store, I don’t speak Chinese though so I just paid my respects with a smile. Be prepared to shell out some money for nice items like shirts, umbrellas, bags, stickers, journals, and postcards – all of these based from his drawings.

rainbow grandpa
Rainbow Grandpa and some of his relatives

rainbow village souvenir

caihongjuan village taichung

caihongjuan village taiwan
this looks like me.. especially when i'm sabaw

I guess it's way too obvious that I loved Rainbow Village! I hope these pictures are convincing enough to make you visit Taichung too!

How to Get to the Rainbow Village
From Taipei
Board a bus or train going to Taichung. There are bus stops at the Railway Station that stops nearby this town. (Bus/Train 250-350 NTD)

From Taichung railway Station
I took the bus 290 at Taichung Train Bus Stop and alighted at Chunshe Village (27th stop). It’s about 600 meter walk to the village, but you need to ask around or consult the map since you won’t be able to see it from the road. There is also bus 27 that you can take to Lingtun Uni.

From Gancheng Zhan Bus Stop
Bus 56 and get off at the 38th stop, Nantun Tongan Cuo. The village is 3-5 minute walk from there

From 1st Plaza Bus Stop
Bus 30/40, heading to Lingtung University, then another 500 m walk from there.

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  1. Hi, may I ask how long it took from Taichhung station to the rainbow village? Thanks!

    1. Hi Colleen. Bus ride was probably around 15 mins. Same with the walk from the bus stop to the village. But finding the bus stop and waiting for it.. probably 30 mins or so. I think buses going to the village are not that frequent

  2. hi! did you come from taipei? just wanted to ask if we should purchase train tickets in advance (from taipei to taichung) thank you :)

    1. Hi Isabelle, yup took the train from Taipei and didn't have to reserve. I bought and got.my ride the same morning. You can also take the bus. More of Taichung here

  3. do you work in taiwn? how did you get to stay for 16 days if visa-free visitor can stay in Taiwan for 14 days starting from the day after the date of arrival? i want to stay longer too. thanks


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